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Trusting her GPS

Sábado, 2 Febrero 2013

GPS sends Belgian woman to Croatia, 810 miles out of her way.

A woman trying to go 90 miles to a Belgian railway station instead ends up in Zagreb because she says that’s what her GPS told her to do.

La ruta de Bruselas a Zagreb que siguió la mujer belga

Here’s her route.

Croatia is not Belgium. Neither is it in Belgium. Nor was it ever.

This does not seem to have prevented a Belgian lady from trusting her GPS enough to end up in Zagreb, Croatia’s capital, when she was actually trying to go 90 miles from her home in Hainault Erquelinnes to Brussels. Both, remarkably, are in Belgium.

Some might find it awkward to hear that her destination was to the north of her hometown, while Zagreb is to the south. Far to the south. So far to the south that this tale bulges one’s believability box.

One might have imagined that she didn’t conceive that it might take two days to drive 90 miles. But she claims her GPS was on the fritz and soon she was passing through Fritz’s homeland.

On her way, she said she slept in the car and even got into a minor road accident. It was her son who contacted the police after she failed to reach her destination and kept on failing.

Hers is a tale of disorientation that might go beyond the simple confines of her GPS. However, sometimes it’s good to see the world in a spontaneous manner.