Artículos de Septiembre 2015

Candide’s One of Those Days 2

Viernes, 4 Septiembre 2015

We might all start the morning as French pro skier Candide Thovex does – with a cup of coffee, a quick check in the mirror, and an appreciative pause to admire nature as we step outside our door to take on whatever challenges the day has to throw at us.

But what happens next in the world famous X Games champion’s morning is probably a bit more noteworthy than our lacklustre commute to work.

Filmed entirely on a head-cam, Candide’s One of Those Days 2 video lets us witness his journey around the slopes of Val Blanc in France first-hand. The whole mountain is the 32-year-old’s playground, with flips, spins and huge jumps where he sails clear over people on the piste below – all part of a day’s ski.

When not performing outrageous tricks one after another (without even pausing to “high five” someone in celebration of his great skills), weaving through incredibly tight gaps between trees and continuing to ski on grass when the snow runs out, he’s ducking through a dauntingly narrow tunnel carved into the mountainside. The best part of the clip is the finale – spoiler alert – when Candide ends the video in serious, unbelievable style. And yes, there may be a mountain restaurant and skiing into a lift involved.

Disclaimer: experiencing all manner of somersaults, twists and turns from Candide’s perspective may induce no small amount of motion sickness. You have been warned.