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NO LOGO: a book against the empire of brands

October 31, 2007
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Watch the video and answers the questions.



Check your answers: naomi-klein_script.pdf

Read an exceprt from Naomi Klein’s book here. And more here.

Post a comment if you have done the activity and tell us what you think of it.

City of Immigrants: a song by Steve Earle

October 31, 2007
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(From his new album, Washington Square Serenade)

Steve Earle (born January 17, 1955) is an American singer-songwriter, well known for his rock and country music, as well as for his many political views. He is also a published writer, a political activist and has written and directed a play. In his early career, he was seen as a saviour of country music and labeled by some as the “new Bruce Springsteen”. In the later part of his career, after troubles with the law and drug addiction and due to his uncompromising viewpoints, he has become known as “the hardcore troubadour”.
(from Wikipedia)

Read the article ” Is steve Earle America’s greatest living songwriter?” (The Independent)

Check if you understand all the words of the song here

Cutting Edge Advanced - Module 1

October 17, 2007
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Why don’t you spend a few minutes practising vocabulary from the first unit?

These are interactive exercises with words that have come up in class in the last few days. Check them out!

  1. Crossword to practice some difficult words in the article about Beijing.
  2. Cloze exercise with vocabulary from the article: How mobile phones changed the world