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A happy song: Fame

December 5, 2007
Posted by mmarvs in : Songs
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by Beatriz Freije

As a happy son I chose the soundtrack of a tv series, which I watched when I was a child and its title is “Fame” by Irene Cara. I don’t know why, perhaps because of the series plot, this song makes me feel optimistic and determined and gives me the push that I need to reach a goal.

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1. Cristina González Blanco - 7 December 2007 

I do really enjoy this song!! The rhythm is very sticky! I don’t quite remember the serial, but like a great deal of people, I know the lyrics and how people used to dance with those leotards. It has been very important at theatre and tv world. Even there is a musical tour around Spanish theatres right now, besides, the Upa Dance tv serial was very similar. Therefore it has set a trend.

2. Ana Bermúdez Gavito - 11 December 2007 

I chose another soundtrack of a famous sitcom called ‘Friends’ as my favourite happy song.
It’s quite easy remember happy moments while you are watching a TV series beacuse you can think about the same situation but in your own life (as your own experience) and compare both of them.
It’s a good way to improve. Believe me!

3. Verónica Díaz Suárez - 14 December 2007 

A very lively song, so energetic and happy. You can dance everywhere when you are listening to it, it is imposible that you can not feel the necesity to do it. ENJOY WITH ITS MUSIC.

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