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A happy song by Village People

December 11, 2007
Posted by mmarvs in : Songs
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by Daniel Antuña

It was more difficult to choose a happy song because there are many songs that can make you feel better or happier due to its fast rhythm or they simply told you that you must forget your problems. There are millions songs like this, for example “Garden of Eden” performed by Guns & Roses or “Sitting in the dock of the bay” by Otis Redding. However, there are only a few songs that really make you laugh so I finally decided that a funny video clip would be the best choice. In fact, this video has a curious story. It was performed by Village People, who likes dressing up in their performances as you know, and was shot with the help of the United States Navy which used the song in promotional advertising until people protested arguing that using taxpayer money for a music video of a controversial group was not ethical.

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1. Ismael - 11 December 2007 

Oh, I love this group and all their party songs. I remember dancing this song in a pub in La Rioja with some friends.

These boys are energy and laughs :D

2. Roberto - 11 December 2007 

In my opinion the happiest song is “In the Navy” by the group “Village People”. The lyrics are really interesting and you can spend a good time listening this song.

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