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A sad song by The Rolling Stones

December 11, 2007
Posted by mmarvs in : Songs
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by Daniel Antuña

I chose Angie for two reasons: this is one of the most important songs of the Rolling Stones with “Satisfaction” and “Paint it black”, for example. I’ve heard it many times in the radio and in the TV since I was thirteen years old and so is a well-known song for me. The second reason is that, although The Rolling Stones are not known for their ballads, this song was a hit in 1973 and is still in the mind of generations of fans of “Their Satanic majesties” who are not really as satanic as people think, as you can see in the video.

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1. Adriana Carriles - 11 December 2007 

It is said, and probably it’s not a wrong idea, that the best and most romantic songs are usually written by rock musicians. This one is a really good example of that, isn’t it? I love the way Mick Jagger whisper the name “Angie”… Although Rolling Stones’ songs are not really my thing, this is one of my favourite’s songs of this band.

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