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And the winner is…

December 11, 2007
Posted by mmarvs in : General, Songs
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The moment of the truth has come. Our Contest for the Happiest and the Saddest Song has come to the final step: your voting.

If you don’t remember a song, you can type the title or the artist in the Search box and you’ll be taken to the post of the song.

Fill in our special survey here.

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1. Miguel Ángel Figueruelo Menéndez - 11 December 2007 

In my opinion the happiest song is “In the Navy” by “Village People” because it is a song very cheerful and danceable. Moreover, the clothes of the men broke up with the 70’s style,they created a new way of life.
Each one has a different fancy dress but all of them look like one dancer,you can´t distinguish one of them,they have a perfect coordination
The performance in a war ship and when the recruit appears increases the feeling of the song.

2. Roberto - 11 December 2007 

In my opinion, the song “My Inmortal” by “Evanescence” is the winner in sad songs because you feel the sadness of the lyrics by the power of this song. The song is about the feelings of a couple that they have just split up.

3. Santiago García-Monge Santidrián - 12 December 2007 

Ain’t no mountain high enough is in my opinion the best happy song. The rhythm is very nice and the lyric transmits the joy that is felt not because you are receiving but because you are giving. It is a right vision of friendship.

My Immortal by Evanescence is my favourite sad song. I think the voice, the music and the lyric are giving the same message: they deal with that point that happens when a relationship is just broken down and you have mixed emotions: the necessity to forget and the sickly satisfaction to remember.

4. lucía lópez - 12 December 2007 

As for me, GRACE KELLY by MIKA is the happiest song. I really love this song and I also think that Mika is a great musician.
It´s refreshingly and different from other current songs. I like the rhythm, the instrumental music, the lyrics and it´s danceable too.
It is said that his music and style is a mixture of Freddie Mercury and The Beatles. I completely agree and, of course, this is a powerful and interesting mixture! For all these reasons I´ve chosen it as the happiest song.

5. Miguel A. Figueruelo Menéndez - 17 December 2007 

“Angie” is an excellent song of this great group.it could be one of this “Big bad songs” that all groups make from time to time.
They set the performance in a loneless stage,it seems a dark and old theatre and I think is an unplugged show.
It creates a perfect atmosphere to get depressed so if you are not in the best moment of your life forget this lyrics.
In conclusion is a song that will breake your heart if you have a bad day.

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