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Last minute entries for the contest

December 13, 2007
Posted by mmarvs in : General, Songs
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(This is the last entry for our The saddest song, the happiest song Contest. The song was Lucía’s suggestion and it appeared in a comment quite a while ago, but for technical reasons beyond my control it couldn’t posted it at the time, so here it goes. Sorry for the delay, Lucía. María)

A sad song by James Blunt

by Lucía López

I’ve watched the video and I liked it. For me it’s impossible to choose only one sad song. There are many old and legendary songs that are fantastic and really sad or happy. For this reason, I’ve been thinking about current songs. After further consideration, I’ve been chosen “GOODBYE MY LOVER” by James Blunt as the sad song. Maybe it isn’t the saddest song I’ve ever listened to,but it makes me feel down and melancholic. What I like most about it is the minor chords on the piano. As for the lyrics, it’s about a love which has ended. The 2 lovers have broken off their relationship, but he is still in love with her. He explained this in a romantic way and he also admits that she has been the one for him.

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A happy song from Grease soundtrack: We go together

On the other hand, I´ve chosen “WE GO TOGETHER” as the happy song. It´s one of the songs from the film Grease. The reason why I´ve chosen it (apart from the rhythm) is because I performed it at school. We prepared a funny choreography and fancy dresses too. We really enjoyed the performance.

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1. Miguel A. Figueruelo Menéndez - 17 December 2007 

“Angie” is an excellent song of this great group.it could be one of this “Big bad songs” that all groups make from time to time.
They set the performance in a loneless stage,it seems a dark and old theatre and I think is an unplugged show.
It creates a perfect atmosphere to get depressed so if you are not in the best moment of your life forget this lyrics.
In conclusion is a song that will breake your heart if you have a bad day.

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