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And the winner is…

December 11, 2007
Posted by mmarvs in : General, Songs

The moment of the truth has come. Our Contest for the Happiest and the Saddest Song has come to the final step: your voting.

If you don’t remember a song, you can type the title or the artist in the Search box and you’ll be taken to the post of the song.

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A sad song from Casablanca

December 6, 2007
Posted by mmarvs in : Songs

By Miguel de Zárraga

A sad song and a happy song… It’s a difficult choice because the lyrics have to be in English. It would be easier with Spanish songs because, to be honest, I can’t understand the lyrics of most English songs unless I can read them. Finally I decided choose music from movies because it’s easy to associate a sad scene and a happy scene with their soundtracks.
For instance in Casablanca, Ingrid Bergman is remembering the happy days they lived in Paris before going to Morocco that seem have been lost forever whereas the pianist is playing and singing “As time goes by”.

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A happy song: Fame

December 5, 2007
Posted by mmarvs in : Songs

by Beatriz Freije

As a happy son I chose the soundtrack of a tv series, which I watched when I was a child and its title is “Fame” by Irene Cara. I don’t know why, perhaps because of the series plot, this song makes me feel optimistic and determined and gives me the push that I need to reach a goal.

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