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Recommend a film

January 21, 2008
Posted by mmarvs in : Films, General
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As I mentioned the other day in class, I would like you to recommend a film that you have seen recently and that you think suitable for English learners.

Post a comment with your ideas.

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1. Irene González Sampedro (5ºG) - 21 January 2008 


Perhaps you are going to say that I am like a child, but I am going to recommend you Beauty and the Beast. I saw it in English, which is esay to follow, and although the voices sounded strange to me, I found they really fit with the characters, even more than the Spanish ones!

This is the link from the youtube for the beginning part. I hope you like it!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IltAsKmVroQ

See you soon!

2. Claudia de Zárraga Mata - 21 January 2008 


It’s difficult to decide, but I would recommend you The Lord of the Rings, because is one of the few english films I’ve saw that I’ve understand pretty well. On the other hand it could be because I had seen the spanish version first, but I suppose most of you have also seen it, so I hope it won’t be very difficult.

this is a link where you could see one of the most famous parts of the film, anyway, you could find a lot of them in youtube:


PS: I love the song of the Beauty and the Beast, I love it, and found it easy to understand, and it remainds me my chilhood, it was one of my favorite films!!

3. Jose Vara Remesal 5ºH - 21 January 2008 

A film that I found easy to understand is MEMENTO. The plot can be a bit confusing at first because the film starts with the end of the story and it continues untill the beginning. Nevertheless I think it’s an interesting film and the English is quite easy to understand. You can find this film at the library of the school. Bye.

4. Cristina González Blanco 5º G - 23 January 2008 

Valiant is a funny cartoon movie that I would recommend you. I saw it with subtitles, because in spite of been pretty easy to understand, there are some punchlines tricky to catch (unless you are get used to listen to jokes in English).

Valiant is a little pigeon and wants to be a carrier one, although it is a bit clumsy… However, with a great deal of effort it will gain its goal. It has also to develop its skills in the Second World War.

This film is based in original facts which makes it highly enthralling.


5. Beatriz fernández lópez - 23 January 2008 

I´ve been watching an animated film, “Ice age”. I´ve choosed it because It´s made for kids, and I thought I could undertand it easier than real films. Really, It´s easy to cath the whole idea of the film, but if you want to understand the details and the jokes, you need to wacht it with subtitles, then the film it´s a real laugh!

6. Adriana Carriles (5ºH) - 23 January 2008 

I would like to recommend a classic movie: “Bringing up Baby”, by the great Howard Hawks and one of the funniest comedies of the 30’s. I think I have seen it, at least, 6 times (but I confess that just one in orginal version…)

The plot is, more or less, this: David Huxley (Cary Grant) is waiting to get a dinosar’s bone he needs for his museum collection. Meanwhile, he meets Susan Vance (Katherine Hepburn) and, together, they’ll have a series of misadventures which include Susan’s pet: a leopard called “Baby”. But, as this is a “screwball comedy”, things gone crazy in some point of the story and it is impossible not to laugh your head off!

You can see the original trailer in this link:

7. Miguel de Zárraga - 23 January 2008 

In my opinion the most important issue is seeing a film you like because being concentrated is very necessary and it’s hard to be concentrated if you feel bored. Furthermore having seen the film in your mother tongue can help you a lot. Of course there’re some movies more difficult to understand than others, specially when the language is faster and there’re lots of idioms. For instance I have problems to follow Friends in English but I usually have no problem with cartoons.

8. Margarita Nogueiro Cachón - 24 January 2008 

The film I have seen is ‘Troya´. To my mind is difficult to understand the story without subtitles, but I had seen it dubbed in Spanish before, so I could follow it quite well. Anyway, if you see it with subtitles (in English, of course) you could improve your English as well. It is worth the film!

9. Miguel A. Figueruelo Menéndez. - 24 January 2008 

I can thoroughly recommend an American film who starts an Spanish actor.The role of the film is played by Antonio Banderas who speaks a perfect English with no Andaluz accent and the movie is “El Zorro”. The plot is easy to follow because the most of us have seen it in Spanish language.The film is superb and entertaining.I think that is a good way to improve our English.You can get the film at the library.

10. Juan Carlos Tascon 5ºG - 24 January 2008 

I would like to recommend you Dexter, the new American television series on FOX channel that stars Michael C. Hall as the character Dexter Morgan, a serial killer who works for the Miami Police Department as a blood analyst.
Being orphan at an early age causing him a traumatic experience, Dexter was adopted by a Miami policeman who recognized his manic tendencies and taught him to channel his passion for killing in a different way: by killing only the most terrible criminals who have escaped justice. Despite his secret, Dexter is able to hide his real personality and keep up appearances as a normal human being.
The series focuses on Dexter’s work to find a serial killer called the Ice Truck Killer. This killer becomes the Dexter’s sister’s boyfriend, but will Dexter find him? Will Dexter be able to kill him?
Watch this bloody and thrilling series and you won’t be disappointed as it is emotional with a lot of action and suspense.

11. SARA GARCÍA RUISÁNCHEZ - 24 January 2008 

Do you like English literature? would you like to know a bit more about one of the most famous writers of the 20th century? it’s your film! I’m talking about “The Hours”, a great film that let us know a little bit about the life of Virginia Woolf. It tells the story of how the novel “Mrs Dalloway” affects three generations of women who have in common the difficult situation they are going through.It is a wonderful film and, what’s more,it count with a great cast; Nicole Kidman, Julianne Moore, and Meryl Streep .It isn’t difficult to follow so I think you would enjoy it!

12. Àgueda Fdez Quintana (5ºH) - 25 January 2008 

Making up my mind and choosing a film is not easy.However,I`d strongly recommend American History X.This film is just great.The main actor is Edward Norton (I do like him as he acts brilliantly) and the story is about the resurrection of neo-nazi movements in America.To my mind,fighting against racism and fascism is one of the most important issues so I try to get as information as I can in order to understand the root of such a big problem in our society.The end of the film is really shocking and there`s a phylosophical atmosphere which encompasses the scenes so it makes you think.American History X is a sentimental story despite the fact that there`s plenty of violence.From the point of view of the language,the film is quite easy to understand.As it is my all time best I have watched it in original version (I believe when you translate a film it looses part of its essence) and the American English is all right.I suposse having watched it before in Spanish makes it easier to understand the difficult scenes but anyway,there`s no problem to get the message.

If you want to watch the original trailer of American history X just click here.Hope you enjoy it and hope it encourages to watch this impressive film.It`s a masterpiece;


13. Àgueda Fdez Quintana (5ºH) - 25 January 2008 

…I remember you talked about Trainspotting in class the other day.I`ve watched it in Spanish and I think the film is great but I have Scottish friends and they gave me an original version to my birthday.Ha,ha,ha,it`s definitely hard to understand,despite the fact that I`m used to listening to the Scottish dialect.I`d recommend Trainspotting to those people who want to survive in Scotland as this dialect is the real language they speak there (specially in Glasgow,Highlands and small isles).

14. Ana Bermúdez Gavito - 26 January 2008 

I think that “The Full Monty film” is a good example and a good film to see because is an English comedy and tries to illustrate the effects of real problems such as unemployment, the family with a bit of humour and an extraordinary soundtrack.
It’s an easy-going film and quite easy to follow, because you can enjoy with the musical parts which allows you to relax. In other words, it’ll make you laugh and smile.

Here you can find the trailer of the film:


This is a link to one of the best moments of the six male strippers in their final striptease:



15. Margarita Nogueiro Cachón - 26 January 2008 

The film I have seen is ‘Troya’. To my mind is difficult to understand the story without subtitles, but I had seen it before dubbed in Spanish so I could follow it quite well. Anyway, if you see it with subtitles (in English, of course) I think you could improve your English as well. It is worth to see it!

16. Jesús Cases Ares (5º H) - 28 January 2008 

When I was a child, -and a teenager-, there was no color TV at home, so I had to watch everything without any colours. That’s why I remembered every single film I watched on black and white images. I always wondered how the scene, which in Spanish said “La lluvia en Sevilla es una pura maravilla”, could be in English. Now that I have DVD and I’ve bought the film on DVD, I can appreciate that “The rain in Spain…”. Rex Harrison’s character teaches Audrey Hepburn how to pronounce well and correctly. He tries to make her appear as glamorous lady, after having met her on the street as flower-seller. She couldn’t read, she was poor and unelegant, but glamour and elegance were in the bottom of her soul. She became a wonderful and delicate woman and Rex Harrison, the hunter, got hunted. Great music, great comedy, great British actor, unforgettable Audrey.

17. Jesús Cases Ares (5º H) - 28 January 2008 

I’m afraid I forgot the title. It was “My fair lady”.

18. Dolores García Cordido - 28 January 2008 

I know that this film is a bit old ,it is Notting Hill.Apart of being hilarious it is easy to understand I think because it has got a simple but funny plot and because in my opinion Hugh Grant is easy to understand.Also you have got different type of accents because there is a scottish person,an american one,an english one…so you can notice about different accents,also you have got more posibilities to understand the film!

19. Víctor Álvarez Pérez (5ºH) - 28 January 2008 

The last film I’ve seen in English is one about a famous cartoon TV series called Futurama, which is made by Matt Groening ,like the Simpsons, and ,in fact, both are the same kind of cartoons. You may say that this is not the sort of film that you should recommend. However, if you like the TV series, it will make you spent an amusing time watching it. Sharp but easy-understanding sense of humour and, although when you watch any Simpson’s chapter, probably the least important thing is the plot, in this movie is quite catchy and that helps to improve the final personal feeling after watching it. I think it lasts for an hour and a half, which, to my mind, is a pretty good duration for these kind of films. I would like to recommend it because it was quite easy to me to follow it in English even thoguh I watched it subtitled and, as I like the series, I had a great time enjoying myself with Futurama and learning some English.

20. Sara Gutiérrez Alonso - 28 January 2008 

Hello! I had some problems with the place I was supossed to post my comment about the film, but anyway, a film that I have already seen and I think it could be easy to understand is “Titanic”. I know that it is a really known film, but that´s why I believe you can catch it´s plot without many difficulties.Obviously you will miss some of the details but if you like classical, romantic films you will enjoy it!

21. Dolores García Cordido - 28 January 2008 

I recommended you a film but talking about series I would say that The O.C is your best option.I admit that sometimes is quite complicated(especially when one character,Seth,is talking)but each chapter is only about 40 minutes long so is a good option if you don´t want to see a whole film.It has also a very good story and actors,there are 4 seasons.Each season has got an amazing final.

22. Ricardo Mallo Muñoz - 28 January 2008 

In my opinion I think that it´s too dificult to recommend a film because people have a lot of different opinions about that topic.However I extremely recommend “El Orfanato´´ overall the performance of Belen Rueda. I think that it is the most important thing of the film. I am so worried about this film is not includied on the Oscar´s awards.Bye

23. Adriana Carriles García (5º H) - 28 January 2008 

Arsenic and Old Lace (Frank Capra, 1944)

“Arsenic and Old Lace” is, from my point of view, one of the funniest comedies of all time. The film’s screenplay was written by Epstein brothers based on Joseph Kesselring’s successful Broadway play of the same name.

But let’s begin with the plot: Mortimer Brewster (Cary Grant), a drama critic who was educated by two sweet but eccentric old aunts, has just got married when he discovers insanity runs in his family, which also includes one brother who thinks he’s the USA President Teddy Roosevelt and another who is a psycho-killer fashioned after Boris Karloff.

A very dark and funny movie of a much more innocent times: in 1944 the idea of respectful people committing murder was funny in it’s own way because it was a situation so far away from reality. “Arsenic and Old Lace”, however, is anything but sad!

And what about the performances? All of them were wonderful, but Cary Grant’s facial expressions and body language are just out of this world! In spite of the fact that Cary Grant always disliked his performance in “Arsenic and Old Lace” (he complained taking part into a comedy film), I do think he was excellent and it’s impossible not to laugh your head off!

I must admit that much of this film’s humour has become dated: some of the references are quite difficult to understand for today’s audiences (for example, the joke of Jonathan’s resemblance to Boris Karloff… how many young people know nowadays who Karloff was?). Never mind, ignore the jokes you don’t really get and be prepare to burst out laugh with lines like these:

(Mortimer) – But there’s a body in the window seat!!!
(Aunt Abby) – Yes, dear, we know.
(Mortimer) – You know???
(Aunt Martha) – Of course
(Aunt Abby) – Yes, but it has nothing to do with Teddy.
(Mortimer) – But, but…
(Aunt Abby) – Now, Mortimer, you forget about it. Forget you ever saw the gentleman.
(Mortimer) – Forget???
(Aunt Abby) – We never dreamed you’d peek.

Ah! The Spanish translation is a little bit different, as you can see is you visit my blog (Am I allowed doing some self-publicity? Hehehe), where I posted this film some months ago: http://cineblog.blogia.com/2006/042801-arsenico-por-compasion.-frank-capra-1944.php#comentarios),

My final advice? If you haven’t seen this movie already, what are you waiting for?

24. Verónica Díaz Suárez (5º H) - 28 January 2008 


Numbers are everywhere. Everything you do, everything you have is based on numbers. The fact is that with them a robbery, a murder or a disappearance can be solved, it is so astonishing but it is true.
The boss in the FBI crime unit, Don Eppes, has to ask his brother to help him to solve different kinds of crimes. He is Charlie Eppes, a brilliant mathematician who works in the California Institute of Science, obsessed with all practical applications this science has in the real life, he always wants to find order between chaos and a standard of behaviour in criminal minds.
Two brothers are so different. Don is more realistic and he bases his work on facts and evidences whereas Charlie works in a world of probabilities and equations. Charlie always tries to impress his old brother and sometimes Don is sceptical about his theories but they have to combine their talents to solve crimes in the FBI unit.
The TV-serie is made by Ridley & Tony Scott and is based on real crimes where numbers are changed in the most accurate instruments of investigation. The main actors are Rob Morrow as Don Eppes, David Krumholtz as Charlie Eppes, Peter MacNicol as Larry Fleinhardt a doctor on physics and Charlie’s outlandish friend.
If you have a scientific heart, you will enjoy watching it because the most complicated crime is solved with the simpliest mathematical equation.
I recommend it if you want to learn specific vocabulary about maths and physics although sometimes you need to use the English subtitles to understand the words, but if you are keen on that areas you can follow it in a good way.

25. Miguel Mallo Muñoz - 28 January 2008 

The film I would recommend you is “The Italian job”.I think it has all I like in a film; some intrigue and a spectacular pursuit through the streets of a big town between three sport cars and a helicopter.But it also has a fantastic plot with a high treason between a group of friends that have stolen a lot of gold ingots from a bank.In addition, during the film you can discover how intelligent is important in our time.It´s is not difficult to understand the history so If you want to have a good time,you should see this fantastic film.bye

26. estefania - 29 January 2008 

I have seen “Rumor has it”, and I think it is a very good film to see in original version because I could understand hardly all, and that’s not the usual. Previously, I have been trying to see Shark, House, O.C….and it was very difficult to me!
“Rumor has it”, starred by Jennifer Aniston and Kevin Costner, it’s about the situation in which Mrs. Robinsons’ grandaughter (The Graduate), found out that they are the Robinsons and finally, she kiss the same boy that her mother and grandmother! It’s a very funny film and you would enjoy with the original plot!

27. Víctor Suárez González - 31 January 2008 

My suggestion for a English film is Shrek, I think it’s one of the funniest film I’ve ever seen although it’s supposed to be a film for kids. It’s quite easy to understand, there are some parts that you could get lost because they run or shout, but the main story can be understood well. I recommend you this film to having a great time, the humour is a bit acid because is a kind of critic to the common fairy tales, but there is also a critic to currently issues. To sum up, you have to seen it.

28. Ana Raquel González Igoa (5º H) - 2 February 2008 

This is my suggestion:

Winner of six Academy Awards, “One flew over the cuckoo´s nest” is a cinema masterpiece that I recommend to everyone.

It was filmed inside a real mental hospital in 1975 and something really curious that caught my attention was that a few real patients participated in the movie. For this reason and thanks to the superb performance of Jack Nicholson this film is full of realism.

Although at first sight it seems to be a funny story due to some amusing scenes, actually the movie turns out to be a heartbreaking story which talks about feelings as cruelty, companionship, deceptions and how the abuse of power can destroy human beings, their lives, their illusions.

29. Rocío Álvarez Escudero - 2 February 2008 

Notting Hill.
Could the world’s most famous actress get in love with a “normal guy”?????? That’s what you are going to discover in Notting Hill, where once happened that two people who seemed to come from absolutely different worlds met each other.
William Tacker (Hugh Grant) is a divorced man, living in Notting Hill, who owns a travel book shop. One day, by chance, he met Ann Scott (Julia Roberts) - probably the most famous girl in the world- who had entered his shop. Once she’d gone from it he starts thinking he’s not going to see her never again; however sometimes there exist miracles, and when he is going for some drinks he found her again and a “Surreal, but nice” love story start between them.
I would recommend it to you, not only because of the story, which from my point of view is absolutely great, but also because once I’ve seen it in English you come to see that’s “really” easy to understand it. I mean, you all know, Hugh Grant is from England and I suppose that’s why he is easily understandable. But it’s not only him that you’ll find easy to understand, Julia Roberts and the rest of the actors also have an “Spoken English“ that you’ll find easy to follow either with subtitles or without them. I strongly recommend it for English learners like us.

30. Rocío Álvarez Escudero - 2 February 2008 

Grey’s Anatomy:
This is probably a TV series you all know about, because at least once, you would have heard someone talking about it. It is based on a group of people who have finished their degree on Medicine and are now having their first contact with patients, and obviously with all the staff in a hospital, in this case the Seattle Grace Hospital.
Do not think it’s only about medicine, and a lot of not understandable words, because it isn’t; in fact what we know as Medicine is not the most important item in the series. What they want us to see is HOW these “students” cope with real life, because studying for being a doctor at the university has nothing to see with what happens in a real situation at hospital. You’ll find here how they manage how with patients, chiefs, other doctors, nurses, etc. And obviously you’ll see the relationship among them.
It’s interesting if you are, I don’t know if I’m going to use the right word, but let’s say: gossip….If you like to know what happens next: what happens as soon as a Medicine student finish his/her degree. It’s not that all you see in Grey’s Anatomy is real, but they offer the most approximate version of the reality I’ve ever seen.
I’d always seen it in Spanish, but this season I had to see it in English. That happened because I’m a real follower of it, and I couldn’t wait from Wednesday to Wednesday to see a new chapter, so, there’s now two weeks I decided to download it from the Internet and by now I’ve completed the fourth season and am waiting for the fifth to start in the USA.
I got really surprised of how easy I found it to follow, but at this point I must admit that I cannot tell you if that happened because the way they talk is easy and comprehensible or because I really wanted to see it.

31. Jorge Rodríguez Prida - 3 February 2008 

Hello everybody!
The film that I recomend you is The planet of the apes, but the classic version,not the new one. You will probably think that it isn’t a very good film and,in fact,it isn’t extraordinary. It hasn’t got amazing special effects and the apes aren’t as real as in the new version,but is a film a like.
If you worry about the dialogues or the vocabulary you can relax.It’s true that there are some unusual and difficult words but mostly they aren’t important,I mean,you can understand the film perfectly without knowing their meaning.
Another thing is that the voice of the apes isn’t modified, it’s a normal human voice.
Of course, the best thing you can do at home is watch both films and compare them,and decide which is,in your opinion,the best one

32. Beatriz Freije García - 3 February 2008 

A few months ago, I was chatting with a friend about how to improve my English, especially listening comprehension. He suggested that I should watch films in English, if it was possible, played by English actors and actress. He lent me one of these films, Love Actually, whose cast includes some well-known actors like Hugh Grant, Emma Thompson, Rowan Atkinson or Keira Knightley.
This film is a romantic comedy, which entwines the lives of different people and it shows how they deal with their love lives. The plot is easy to follow and some of the actors are English, so they don’t have a strong accent. In this way you can spend a good time watching a film and improving your English at the same time. Furthermore, you might learn some new words or expressions, which are a bit more colloquial, but in this case you ought to use the subtitles.

33. Consuelo Cañal Magide - 4 February 2008 

The film I have chosen is “The Silence of the Lambs”. It was based on the novel by Thomas Harris and the main actor and actress were Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster. The film won 5 Oscars in 1991.
There is no a special reason for having chosen this film but it has been my first thought when we were supposed to chose one.
It is a fantastic suspenseful thriller, with a shocking end and a brilliant performance

34. Ana Sanchez Pitiot - 5 February 2008 

Have you ever heard about Don Juan DeMarco? It is said he was the “world`s greatest lover”, and that is the plot of the last film I have seen in English.
The role of Don Juan is played by a joung Johnny Deep (the film was shooted in1995), who was committed to a mental institution for ten days. During this short period of time, he told the story of his live to his psychiatrist, performed by a brilliant Marlon Brando.
I recomend it as a good film to practise listening to English, because Don Juan speaks with a spanish-mexican accent, and he and his psychiastrich speak slowly and clearly during their conversations. I just had to have a look to the subtitles to catch some of the funny things.
I could give you a lot of other good reasons to see this moving and romantic love story, but the most important one, is the convincing performance of Johnny Deep, who fits in the role of Don Juan perfectly.
Just one last thing, don`t miss the soundtrack “To really love a woman” by Brian Adams.

35. Verónica Díaz - 12 February 2008 

Opinion about MY FAIR LADY(Jesus Cases Ares):
I have seen “My Fair Lady” and I am absolutely identified with the Jesus’ article. It is easy to understand and its pronunciation is so British. I would recommend it and I’m sure that you have a fun, if you see it.

36. Beatriz Díaz Fernández - 18 February 2008 

Well, I have to recognize that my favourite film was, still is, and will always be BRIDGET JONE’S DIARY I’ve seen it thousands of times, and I have to say that I’ve seen it more times in English than in Spanish! It’s so easy to understand and the plot is so catching that I am sure you would enjoy it a lot. Bridget jones is a crazy spinster in her thirties who tries to find her better half, but this is a big deal for her, as she is tented both by the serious and well-respected lawyer Marc Darcy and the gorgeous womanizer Daniel Cleaver. It’s a film just for fun, the typically American love comedy, but Bridget has something special, something that makes you identificate with her.

You can see the trailer here : http://youtube.com/watch?v=Tf_d0j0MR2w

37. Jose Vara Remesal 5ºH - 23 February 2008 

Today I’ve seen “The hours”, a film that tells the story of 3 women of different generations whose lives are interconnected. I really recommend this film for English learners because all the characters speak slowly and clearly so you can understand it pretty well without looking at the subtitles.

38. Ana Prado - 10 March 2008 

I had the opportunity to see “Key Largo”, starring Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall. I saw it many years ago but I didn´t remember what kind of story was about. So I should say that it was a new film for me. I was not sure I was going to like it, not because of the story, but because of my problem with pronuntiation. Bogart speaks in a way that it´s very difficult to understand.

Bogart is Frank McCloud, an American soldier who fought in Second World War. During the campaign in Italy, he met Temple and they became very good friends. But Temple is killed and, after the war, Frank decides to visit his best friend´s family: his wife, Nora, and his father, a crippled man whom everybody respects. They have got a hotel in Key Largo (Florida). When Frank arrives at the hotel, he finds out that the only guests are a group of gangsters, whose chief es the famous Johnny Rocco. All of them are kidnapped and Frank will have to put his life on risk to save Nora and her father-in-law. Although he wants to forget his life of heroe, he´s the only person who can prevent the gangsters from getting away.
And he´s successful, of course. Now, he can get back and live with his new family: with Nora, the woman who loves, and with Temple´s father, who considers him like a son.

It´s a recommendable film if you like stories of gangsters and heroes. Bogart will be Bogart forever

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