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A debate about education

February 26, 2008
Posted by mmarvs in : Debates
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Are you one of those who think that something has to change in education in our society?

But what?

And who is to blame for the increasingly low level of students both in secondary schools and university?

Watch the video and post a comment with your opinion and reactions.

(Thanks to Carmen López for the link to the video)

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1. Adriana Carriles (5ºH) - 26 February 2008 

In his column in a well-known Sunday magazine, some weeks ago, Arturo Pérez Reverte raised a series of matters regarding our education system. Among other things (and in his personal but magnificent way of saying things), Reverte attacks governments (both of them), Ministers of Education and their laws, calling them ‘imbeciles’ in the headline. He regrets the absence of Latin, Greek, Geography, History, Art History (by the way, a fundamental subject in a country like Spain, with such a wonderful Cultural Heritage!) and other subjects in today’s curriculum. We only have to read the Pisa Report to discover that it places Spanih system very near the bottom of the European Community. Isn’t it a sad piece of news? Does it not make you think?
Every adult needs to become involved in the solution of this problem, including not only politicians and teachers but also (and specially), families. Nowadays, we’re having a new generation of teachers: young, illusionated and well-prepared in all kind of aspects (knowledge, ITC, languages, and so on). Don’t waste these talents just because political decisions. The most important thing in education are the students, never forget that we are talking about their future… In fact, our future as a society.

2. Cristina González Blanco 5º G - 26 February 2008 

I totally agree with this video. It shows the dreadful situation that education is living nowadays. However, I don’t think that all the blame drops on the students. Of course, they should have more discipline (either at school or at home) related with method, effort, paying attention in class… in other words, more work. On the other hand, teachers should also change the way the lessons are given to the pupils. Most of the time, students get boring listening to the lectures, misleading what the teacher is talking about, and a good tip could be making them taking part in class, answering questions, or doing practical sessions arousing them interest on the topic.

At least in Spain lessons are too theoretical, and due to education is compulsory until sixteen years old, many students take for granted that they are going to pass the exams either they study or not.

3. Víctor Suárez González 5ºG - 28 February 2008 

I’m amazed, I thought that education had a lot of problems but I didn’t stop to think about them and analyse them.
In my opinion the main problem in Spanish education is the lack of interest, students don’t like going to school because sometimes is really boring, because of the subject of because of the way the teacher explain. I think education should be more practical, teachers have to explain basics things but also they have to make students participate searching for information about something, debates at class or other things that are more useful for their adult life.
Also, the education system has to be a bit exigent, because students can pass to another course although they have fail many subjects and this affects to the whole class.

Finally, i think the problem is really difficult to solve because politicians are always changing the education system and that make the problem worst.

4. Sara Gutiérrez Alonso - 28 February 2008 

I think teenagers have unclear ideas about the future nowadays. If you want something, you have to work to get it, as it is usually said “no pain, no gain”. I know that nowadays it´s difficult to find a well-paid job where you like what you do, but, although there are not many possibilities, you should try to do it.
Education is one of the most important things that can help you to get what you want. It needs some effort and I know that sometimes the only thing you want is to forget all that stuff. However, finally, it will be worthy(or I hope it!). On the other hand, I think students are not the only who should change. Some teachers have to learn how to make lessons funnier and should know that almost always making them more interesting helps more than any other things.
To finish with, we can´t forget about parents; from my view, there are some values that must be taught at home and obviously these make you think about taking some important decisions in life. As you can see, education for me is something a bit complicated!!

5. Ricardo Mallo Muñoz - 28 February 2008 

I totally agree with this video and with my classmate Cristina too. As I am a student I have a lot of arguments for this topic. For many people is too difficult to talk about this kind of things because they are not the victims but for me and some of my classmates this is our daily reality. Since I was a child I have had lots of classmates and all of them very different but they all had the same thing in common; they get bored in class because of the lessons are too predictable. I’m convinced that the only thing that kept me going to class is that I loved what I am studying although I am not getting very good marks in my partial exams.

To sum up I think that we all have to find a solution to the education problem.

6. Claudia de Zárraga Mata - 28 February 2008 

I think that the education problem we are living nowadays could be solved only by the Government. I agree with Cristina, students think they can pass without working hard. It’s not a problem if you fail three of the eight subjets you have, because you can still be promoted to next grade. In my opinion, new education laws are making easier and esier to get a ESO degree just to say that the percent of failure at compulsory education is getting lower. That’s a big mistake because if you don’t know anything about anything what’s the point in having a degree?

I also think that there is a problem with what is taugh at school. Most of things aren’t related with the student future, and sometimes memorizing is the only thing you need to pass. About what Reverte says, I would like to say that cultural subjets are very interesting, but maybe they shoudn’t be learnt in the compulsory years of school, but in a more advenced level.

7. Ricardo Mallo Muñoz - 28 February 2008 

I totally agree with this video and with my classmate Cristina too. As I am a student I have a lot of arguments for this topic. For many people is too difficult to talk about this kind of things because they are not the victims but for me and some of my classmates this is our daily reality. Since I was a child I have had lots of classmates and all of them very different but they all had the same thing in common; they get bored in class because of the lessons are too predictable. I’m convinced that the only thing that kept me going to class is that I loved what I am studying although I am not getting very good marks in my partial exams.

To sum up I think that we all have to find a solution to the education problem.

8. Àgueda Fdez Quintana (5ºH) - 28 February 2008 

I strongly agree with the video.I need more than 24 hours a day to do everything and sometimes it makes me wonder…will my strenght and effort have a reward in some years’ time?
Getting a degree is a big struggle;waking up early in the morning,attending lectures,taking notes,being encompassed by thick books all the time,studying hard and being always worried about exams and marks…

From my point of view,proffesors and lessons at university are getting worse and worse.Sometimes you feel you`re just loosing your time as they don’t care about students’ problems and can’t teach properly.To make matters worse,lessons are too theoretical and it is said that you don’t learn anything while you’re studying at university,you start learning when you graduate and get a job.This may sound dramatic but it is quite true and frustrating as well.To my mind,university is just a burocracy nowadays and things have to change.

I believe students need more motivation and encouraging them is one of the main teacher’s role.Of course,proffesors need a deep knoledge but also vocation.Another point to consider is that some people don’t study what they do want because there is no job.I strongly feel you have to study what you really love or you won’t do well at all.Vocation is important for everyone:teachers and also students.

9. Víctor Álvarez Pérez 5º H - 28 February 2008 

For me, this has been a pretty shocking video because it shows a wide range of what represents education today for the students .The Information Age is here and it seems that someone has not realised. Even though computers ,Internet , research methods or new technologies in general are supposed to make life easier and help people to achieve happiness and knowledge, I personally consider that it’s necessary to make an effort to succeed. I mean, secondary education in Spain, which is compulsory, ought to be a main knowledge base for life and the beginning of the superior studies. Far from that, taking into account that I’ve recently finished that step, I’ve to say that if this education is the base of a building, I don’t want to live in it. The first thing it should be done, is to reform the law and create a proper plan to give students a modern but serious education. During my four years in the E.S.O., I did nothing most of the time but wasting it in class. I got bored from having so much free time. Exams were so easy that sometimes, I didn’t have to study anything to pass them with flying colours because if you had been listening to the teacher when he explained a new lesson, it was enough with that. That’s why I think this mess has to be mended since the beginning in order to prepare clever students to develop their minds in the college and finally , in real life .If we don’t do that, it’s no worth if we have computers, resources , money or whatever…Developing our brains first, that’s the key.

10. Ismael Alvarez - 28 February 2008 

I think education in Spain needs a change. Teachers must change their mind, and make classes funnier, but without losing their authority. I think that with this change children would have more interest

Parents have to improve their behaviour too. They have to educate their children punishing them if they are naughty. Children have to know that they aren’t “kings of the world”

11. Ana Bermúdez Gavito - 29 February 2008 

After this video, I personally got surprised.

It makes you think about, what’s happening today in our society, especially in our education system.

In my honest experience, the education system is changing so quickly that some times it is really impossible follow it.

But thanks to new technology and other sources we have developed new tools that most of the time we are not using them because of ignorance or the amount of them.

We now have an opportunity to truly transform our educational system into new one which should better fit for the 21st century. It seems to be a real appetite out there to embrace change, to improve our system and to improve the culture which brands so many people and specially teenagers. The new educational system will have to provide our children with the life skills in today’s complex, rapidly transforming, socially-changing and globalise world.

I back the challenge of transforming our outdated and unequal education system into a modern and flexible one that places equality of opportunity for each and every child at its core.

I believe such a system will not only continue to deliver academic excellence for the few but can deliver it for all.

We can reach educational excellence and greater participation step by step.

12. Miguel Mallo Muñoz - 1 March 2008 

To begin with I think that education it´s a topic that has been discussed for lots of years so it´s obvious that it will always be in the media because it is very controversial.
In my opinion this video it´s a very good way to show what the situation of the education all over the world is.I don´t know if the current situation of education it´s better or worse than some years ago but the majority says that currently there is a very poor education,and I wonder if the fault lies with the politicians.The problem isn`t the budget allocated to education,it´s related with the way they waste the money.
Eventually I believe that teachers should be more strict.However they should more nearby with students and in case a student doesn´t understand something it´s their work to help him if they can.Teachers are more worried in the way a student writes the answers than in the content of these answers that I think is what really matters.Bye

13. Margarita Nogueiro Cachon - 1 March 2008 

An important problem of the Education System is the lack of teacher’s authority. From my point of view, parents should be more implicated in their children’s studies and try not to blame teachers for their children’s failures. Parents must know the main education is given by them, and then young people go to school to learn.
On the other hand, as many of my classmates say, the System must change looking for students motivation. Nowadays, it is easier to pass your exams memorizing lots of information that after doing the exams we forget. Consequently, more and more teenagers find the lessons boring, loose interest and they don’t make an effort.
Moreover, Education has been influenced by the different changes in the Government, so I think that an important progress would be that politics get an agreement about the Education System.
There is something that is not working, and politics, teachers, students and all people should make an effort to change it because Education is one of the most important mainstays of the society.

14. Verónica Díaz - 1 March 2008 

The video shows us the reality about education. While the time goes on, our young people are learning less about culture and they misbehave everywhere. There are some subjects that they don’t know anything about them like: Geography, Maths, History, Chemistry, Physics, Latin, Greek, etc…How can they go to the university to study Chemistry without studying it in the Bachiller? It is stressful to see that they don’t know at least the periodic table.
They think things are easy to obtain because they have lots of technological machines: computer, ipod, mp4, without any effort. With technology they can’t develop their brains; this is only possible with studying and reading. Above all, they are sometimes disrespectful to their teachers. When I was young, teachers had the control of the class. Nowadays, they have problems with their pupils and what is more, with their parents.
I think that we are losing the values of the education and all of us are responsible: teachers, politics and of course, parents. A good education at home is an important point to have a secondary and university education. We can’t forget about all the changes in the educational system. It has affected negatively the way of learning and teaching. For example, in my years at school, you had to pass all the subjects in order to go to the next level but now you can fail three of them without having problems in the next level, so how can pupils learn without studying?? I don’t understand it.
On the other hand, I must say that sometimes teachers are not as good as they have to be teaching at schools and the university, so the students get fed up with some subjects and what could be the solution? Perhaps we have to develop a system combining the two main points of view: students and teachers. The first ones need energetic and lively ways of learning and the second ones need to learn interesting and pedagogical ways of teaching. And the subjects must have to be equals everywhere, with the same themes to teach. I think that our government has to ask these people before they do changes in the law again, they have to find a solution to improve the education: having interesting and necessary subjects to learn and students have to be respectful with the teachers again.

15. Irene González Sampedro (5ºG) - 3 March 2008 

In my opinion, the problem is not in what is taught but how. Students think that their subjects are not going to be relevant in their lives, what´s up if a mechanic doesn’t know about King Henry VIII? They are dealing with cars, not with history! And this is their philosophy! But what about learning languages, maths, or even ethics? I mean, they don’t interelate them, they just study how boring is learning the verb to be, and that badies are badly seen in our lives. The problem comes when they have to live their “beautiful laboral lives” and see how important was learning maths in order to calculate how much they must be paid, or they wonder why they didn’t learn a basic level in other languages now that they have to deal with foreing people in this multicultural country.

However, this is not only students’ faul, it is also the way the educational system is made and the importance it gives to some subjects and not to the others. Teachers are also guilty in this situation: they don’t make subjects interesant, they just go to class, do what they think they have to teach and they don’t adapt their subjects and make them interesting.

On the other hand, I would like to say that students should have days of 36 hours. We, and I am included as well,have to dedicate all the hours of our days in class matters. I mean, we have to go to class, to the library in case we need extra information, “deal” with our homework and even we have to do some extra personal homework. Furthermore, a student has to eat, drink, sleep, and have a break in order not to colapse his mind. I mean, we have the right of having a life!

So, if I could tell something to the next president in Spain, you know.. we are just in general elections.. I would ask for extending the days and for students rights as human beings!

16. Beatriz Fernández López - 3 March 2008 

In the last four months I´ve been doing a course called “CAP”, which is necessary If you want to be a teacher in a high school. In the “CAP”, lectures gave us some notions about psichology and pedagogy, and explained us their experiences as teachers.

The truht is that my point of view about education has change radically in this four months. Beforehand, I put the blame on the goverment, with his ridiculous education laws, and on the parents, because in general are highly permissive wiht their children. However, now I believe that part of the problem are in teachers. In particular, in the way as the teachers are preapared for their profession.

On one hand, the majority of people who decide to be teachers, haven´t vocation. They take the decision because is the only way to achieve a secure and wellpaid job, after finishing their degree. What is more, in some cases they hate teenagers.

Other point to consider is that, despite the fact that you have a degree, really you don´t know nothing about how to transmit your knowledges to the pupils, how the behaviour of the teenagers is, how to control a class with thirty or more students, how to understand their needs at these ages. Consequently, I thought that people who want to be tearchers should be a specific education since they start the university. In my opinion, teacher of a high school should be a degree.

For me this is on of the ways to improve the education.

17. SARA GARCÍA RUISÁNCHEZ 5ºG - 3 March 2008 

From my point of view,the main problem in Spanish education is the lack of interest in studying, teenagers don’t enjoy learning things, maybe they see it as a process of memorization, they are not motivated, only some of them make an effort but in fact,their ultimate goal is to pass the exam without taking into account what they have learnt.
Teachers have to do something to make their classes more dynamic and entertaning maybe in doing so,students become involved in the subject and learn at the same time they have a good time!

18. MARIA COTELO VELASCO - 3 March 2008 

I absolutely agree with the issues shown in this video. In my opinion students must be encouraged to develop their skills in the area they have chosen to study. The way of achieve it is orientating the education in a more practical way. What is more, the use of information technologies at Colleagues like Internet may give them more facilities for going ahead with their projects. It makes studies more attractive and real. A class with no more than twenty or thirty students create an atmosphere more likely to learn.
On the other hand, teachers and professors must have more psychology when teaching. They should make a follow up of the student, knowing their personal skills and the way they could improve their knowledge or not. A
Money is also a very important fact. It is clear that students should make an effort for making cash, jobbing at the weekends or after having attending lessons but actually the help of the Government must be the highest financial contribution.

19. Daniel Antuña Jiménez (5º G) - 3 March 2008 

Nowadays, there are lots of new problems in education with the older ones that never left us. In fact, instead of dealing with old problems we are creating new ones. We are loosing the respect to the teacher, probably because of irresponsible parents and some teachers, tired of their own situation, that make us life impossible. And, unfortunately, media doesn’t usually help. Every day we can see in TV or internet videos where a teacher is punched by their pupils or testimonies of teachers who were in conflictive schools and have to teach while they are constantly in alert to prevent fights in his own class. It seems that I’m exaggerating but I remember a class where I can’t listening my teacher of Maths because everyone in class was speaking and shouting in a loud voice, so she finally have to bring with her the director and, of course, instantly we shut up. I still remember today the tears in her eyes. It was really, really sad.

I don’t really know what to do with this complicated situation but I think that, if all of us (I mean: teachers, pupils, parents, government…) help each other to deal with the diary lesson in each class of a college, university, etc… things will go better.

20. Rocio Álvarez 5H - 3 March 2008 

I do completely agree with this video. There are many tenses I do agree with but there’s one which did really said what I do think of my degree (and I say this when I’m next to the end of mine, I mean, I do know what I am talking about).
I’ve been recommended many books, however from all the books that I’ve bought or taken from the library, there’s only one which had been really useful, the rest of them had been useful for preparing some themes, but the rest I ended looking for more information in the Net.
But to be honest, I cannot only be critisizing my teachers because I have to admit, that since I started my degree in 2003 until now, I’ve seen many advances in some of them. There’re some who use the computer to prepare their lessons, and there was ONE who used the internet, something that we all really appreciated, so..although little by little some improvements are taking place!!! It’s a really pity that it happens a t a so slowly way..but it’s happening. Let’s hope that by the way our children get to the school or university the new technologies would be instaured!!!!!!
In this little space I would also like to thank to all the teachers that have recommended me pages on the Net (because those have been all absolutely useful), and also to all of them who have taught me how to use the Net to prepare my works and speeches in front of a public.

21. Dolores García Cordido - 3 March 2008 

I agree with my classmates,I think this video represents a real truth.I must admit that technology helps us but I prefer to have a more “human´´relation with my teachers and I say that because of the girl who wrote that she carries her laptop to class but she does others things not related with the class.
Another point to dispute is money because here in Spain go to university is normal and money is not the main problem but in other countries they have to pay their degree when they are working!I think this is crazy.
Talking about teachers is very complicated because there are very good techers but on the other hand there are that type of teachers and professors who ask things in the exam which had not been explained and this really annoys me.I think they have to remember when they were students. Another thing that I find very nonsense is buying lots and lots of books that eventually you are not going to make a good use of.

I hope that things could get better in the future to our children.

22. Beatriz Díaz Fernández - 3 March 2008 

Well I don’t agree with the bitter critic that the video does about techonology and education.

It’s true that television, computers, MP3 players and all this stuff can distract studients of their obligations, but I mean, if these gadgets didn’t exixt, young people would find another ways of wasting their time. The student has to be responsible with his or her obligatios and not letting technology disturb them.

In fact, I find technologies very useful when talking about education, as they offer a fresh and new view of teaching and can make more amusing the hard labor of learning. Of course, if you use technology in the right way.

But, appart from that, there are lots of problems that education has to face, but we shouldn’t blame technology!

23. Gadea Rodriguez Fernández - 3 March 2008 

Since my point of view, everybody is getting a bad education between us.

Nowadays, at the school, the lazier children are the most popular, and they get the control of the class; almost every student follows their behaviour.

The society should “punish” it and reward the hard-working person. It sounds difficult but isn’t it, we only have to give the teachers more power to lead the class.

It is a pity waist public fund in people, who don’t want study, and I don’t refer to children, but in secondary school, there are many people really unselfish.
Raising the national level is important, and for that we have to work hardly, not only students, but teachers too. A good formation could help them to deal with problematic students in such a way that a class isn’t a clash.

24. Adriana Carriles (5ºH) - 4 March 2008 

I totally agree with the video. When I was student (not so far away) lessons at the University were too theoretical, too bored, too predictable. And I used to finish my classes exhausted.

After having my degree, I began to work in AulaNet (you know, the Virtual Campus of University of Oviedo). At first, as you can imagine, I was extremely illusionated: a Virtual Campus! A new way of teaching and learning! Unfortunately, I felt soon dissapoiment: a big number of proffesors only used AulaNet as an annex to put some documents and pdf in. Nothing more. And what about multimedia, wikis, online community, cooperative-learning, video-stream, webquest, and so many powerful tools?

From my point of view, proffesors should make up their minds and realise that, as the video says, education nowadays is changing and improving faster and faster.

25. Ana Sanchez Pitiot 5ºG - 4 March 2008 

In the last 15 year there have been many changes in our education system. It is supposed to have changed to a better one, but the general feeling is that today students have lower level than several years before.
I can’t tell you who to blame for it. Nowadays there are many tools that I find really useful for myself as a worker or as an English learner, but, maybe they wouldn’t have helped me so much when I was studying. Internet provide us the knowledge stored in the red and online-learning, but also the access to chats, games, video-pages, and other entertaining websites that keep time away from studying.
Students, teachers and parents are responsible for the problem. But also the whole society plays a role in it. “No pain no gain”, this is useless, we don’t want to go on with this any more. “The easier the better”, this is what is important today. According to this, it is easy to understand the reason of this general feeling.

26. Miguel A. Figueruelo Menéndez - 8 March 2008 

The video is clear enough on certain things that they are not nice in the educational system. We can realize the great quantity of resources that we waste during the years of training.
Many of my subjects were too theoretical in spite of the fact that during the evenings we made obligatory practices in the laboratory. It was the best moment of my career.
I believe that the current system is too soft, there is a great gap between the ESO and Bachillerato.Nowadays pupils don’t know or do not want to distinguish a friend of a teacher, the treatment for them doesn’t change. The idea is that they come to high school to learn and the way of obtaining it is with effort and work.
The PISA’S report clarifies that the results don’t depend on the one who governs,I think is a question of teachers,pupils and parents

27. Jesús Cases Ares - 8 March 2008 

The first thing that I thought while watching this video doesn’t have any relation with everything was said until now. I’d like to contribute with a new idea. The amount of daily hours needed by these students raises 26,5 hours. Who, nowadays, doesn’t need extra time? There’s a lot of things to do, plenty of them to get some standard of living which is good to that “consumer society”. So, they’re not the only ones who are stressed by the foolish rhythm of life. I wonder if 3 hours of class is enough time to dedicate to a degree. According to my own experience, while you’re studying on high school, or at University, you’ve not an impartial or fair approach on what is better for training and for life. I changed my mind after four or five years.
But, I agree with some opinions arguing that lessons, mainly at University, are too theoretical. On my opinion, nowadays, it’s not acceptable that some lectors read their ancient yellow notes as a way to teach.
Besides, an excessive use of technology can lead students to get fed up and bored. And that happens.

28. Beatriz Freije García - 9 March 2008 

There is no doubt that something has to change in our Education System, but where should the change start?
First of all, family situation has change in the last few years. Nowadays, both of parents, mothers and fathers, usually work during all day, so children are less controlled, and in the major of cases they are looked after by grandparents, siblings or in the last case by an unknown person, to whom parents pay for it. For this reason, parents should be conscious that children are sent to school to be taught, not to be educated. In my opinion, children’s protection is excessive because all of us have been told off and punished, and none of us have a trauma.
Other point to consider is the continuous change of the structure and contents in the subjects and studies. Each time a new political party attains the government, it tries to reform all the things that the former government had implanted. In this way, we won’t able to improve and to reach the level of other European countries. The changes should be oriented to get an education system more specific. Education system is overloaded, because nowadays children have to go to school, to do sport, to learn foreign languages and loads of things, that in many cases they won’t use in their life. From my point of view, a more specific education could be more effective. We could be better professionals, if we had the encouragement of studying something we liked and we found useful. The use of technology allows us to reach these goals, for example, making lessons more interactive, encouraging pupils to take part in class, or something like that.
The last aspect I would like to point out is the vocation, or perhaps, the lack of teacher’s vocation. I agree with Beatriz Fernández, when she says that many people, who decide to be teacher, haven’t vocation. As we know, today it’s really difficult to find a permanent job, so young people finish their degree and, after a period of time looking for a job, they decide to prepare themselves to be teachers. What happens when you do something you don’t like? You don’t make an effort to improve, you don’t mind the results and you don’t pay attention to your pupil’s necessities.
To sum up, there isn’t a unique guilty of the students’ low level. There is a group of factors which interact between them and give as result the current situation. We should work together if we want to improve it.

29. Jose Vara Remesal 5ºH - 10 March 2008 

I think that if new technologies are used in the right way can help to improve the educational system. Nowadays you can find a lot of information on the net about any topic you like and the Internet also give us the opportunity of having access to films, music… in foreign languages, which can really help you to improve your level of English for example.
But to feel the benefit of new technologies we have to make a good use of them, we can use new technologies as an entertainment but we also have to know when it’s necessary to use them with an educative purpose. I find very irresponsible the attitude of the boy in the video who says that he brings his laptop to class but he doesn’t work on class stuff. He should realize that doing that he is damaging himself because he attends to the lessons but he is not learning anything so it’s the same as he would play truant.
About what the boys in the video say about all the things they do during the day and how much time they would need I think that it’s just a matter of organization because in 24 hours you have time to enjoy yourself but also to study a bit everyday.
In relationship to what lots of my classmates said about how theoretical lessons are I agree because sometimes teachers don’t care about the opinion of student and just speak and speak which make the lessons really boring but I think that teachers could use new technologies to make the lessons more entertaining and motivate the students.

30. Ana Raquel González Igoa - 10 March 2008 

As many of my classmates, I don´t think that situation is as dramatic as the video shows. It´s true that studying is hard, some lecturers don´t help you at all because they are the first ones who don´t feel motivated. But, in general, the problem begins in the student and it seems to me really unfair just to blame teachers.
I don´t know the solution to finish with this problem, for this I would have to make a deep study about the situation but, in general, I´d sum up the solution through three changes:
First of all, there should be a change of values in the youth and let them know that to achieve something previously you have to make an effort. “No pain, no gain”. And this is a task of the parents basically.
Secondly: it would be important a change in the mentality of the students. They must realize that the world is not perfect. It´s impossible that in a whole degree you don´t find some useless subject or some really incompetent lecturer. But this also will help you to face your future working life because there aren´t neither perfect jobs nor perfect bosses. If you´re used to this situation you won´t feel so frustrated in the future.
Finally, the Educational System should also “suffer” a change related to the choice of teachers. I totally agree with Beatriz Fernandez, vocation is essential to become a good teacher. It´s not a better teacher the one who has got plenty of knowledge but the one who knows how to transmit in a better way their knowledge to the students.

31. Manuel Menéndez González - 11 March 2008 

I find this video a bit perturbing. Something needs to change, and urgently.
Years ago, when I was a student, I used to think “Educational programs should include more practical subjects and less memory-based stuff”. Nowadays, than I have been working for several years, I think exactly the same. When you are an adult remembering a list of dates, names or whatever does not help you much, but knowing how to face real life can make a difference.
I have no doubt that teaching up-to-date has to be close to ICTs. Nevertheless, teaching is not a science but an ancient art and no computer or “teaching device” can replace a good teacher.
Finally, I´d like to share with you a list of rules I found on the net, they are known as “The Seven Laws of the Teacher”:
* The Law of the Teacher - if you stop growing today, you stop teaching tomorrow.
* The Law of Education - the way people learn determines how you teach.
* The Law of Activity - maximum learning is always the result of maximum involvement.
* The Law of Communication - to truly impart information requires the building of bridges.
* The Law of the Heart - teaching that impacts is not head to head, but heart to heart.
* The Law of Encouragement - teaching tends to be most effective when the learner is properly motivated.
* The Law of Readiness - the teaching-learning process will be most effective when both student and teacher are adequately prepared.

32. Santiago García-Monge Santidrián - 12 March 2008 

A commentary about the Education Video by Santiago García-Monge

It is said that an educational system is the reflection of the society where it is developed.
Many things have changed, some to improve, others to get worse.
It is commonplace that parents, teachers and politicians blame each other for the low level of knowledge and manners of the last generations.
I’d like to highlight two aspects that, from my point of view, depict the contradiction where we’re sailing.
The extension of rights has diminished some abuses that took place in the past and the youngest generations have grown up with more freedom than their parents did. Nevertheless, at the same time, it has been reduced the authority that teachers need.
Nowadays, the access to information has been multiplied because of the so called ‘new technologies’, but it hasn’t been developed at the same time, the needed criterion to leak it.
I have the feeling that the young generation has been given an immense collection of tools and possibilities but the society has forgotten to teach how to use them.

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