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Animal Farm - A review

February 28, 2008
Posted by mmarvs in : Books
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animal-farm.jpgby Jorge Rodríguez Prida

Written by George Orwell in 1943, Animal Farm is a great novel that harshly criticises Stalin’s dictatorship. In the story Stalin is represented by Napoleon, a corrupt pig. Apart from communism and how power corrupts people, Orwell makes a brilliant and severe critic of totalitarian states.

The story is quite simple. England. One day, the animals of Manor Farm, tortured by lots of work and almost nothing to eat, decide to rebel against the human being. They change the name of the farm into Animal Farm and set up an animal society based on cooperation among them. Then, the pigs take control of the power. This power corrupts them and at the end they are like humans, those who should be their enemies.

The book is extremely easy to read. It’s written in an informal and understandable way and most part of the book are dialogues between the animals, not large and detailed descriptions. The characters are animals, and not very intelligent. To be honest, you don’t know much about their characters but what you know is enough.

For me this is a book that anyone can enjoy, the age doesn’t matter, because it’s the kind of book that, when you start reading you keep reading for a long time, I mean, you aren’t able to close it and do other things. You get hooked on it. If you have read 1984 you will like Animal Farm because it’s quite similar, talking about the same problems and communism but, actually, it’s a completely different book except for the fact that it is as good as 1984. If you haven’t already read it, I encourage you to go to the nearest library or book shop. Animal Farm is one of those literature’s classics that everyone should read.

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