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Debt of honour - A book review

March 10, 2008
Posted by mmarvs in : Books
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Review by Álvaro Pérez Narciandi

debtofhonour_clancy.jpgActually, it all began without anyone knowing really what was happening, and what started as a matter of unlucky circumstances ended up as an open war between two of the most powerful countries and a worldwide conflict. We meet again old friends like “Ding” Chavez, Jack Ryan, President Durling or Director Bill Shaw, all of them well known characters.

In this novel, Tom Clancy shows his highly developed style, with his great use of many parallel stories at a time. Debt of honour is not a book of emotional or intellectual depth (as it is widely known, Clancy is an expert on writing bestsellers), but it is indeed an amusing way of spending your time, even though the author’s point of view may be partial. The action takes place in several locations, but mainly in Japan, Washington and the Marianas Islands, so we can admire some good landscapes and perceive the particular view of Clancy of American and Japanese societies.

It is also quite a long book to read, with an intricate start and a really spectacular fast-moving ending. However, the plot and the style are simple enough for everybody to understand the language without looking up every five pages (it is also much easier to understand the English of the Japanese people than the one of any American citizen).

I would truly recommend it not as a masterpiece of literature, but as an easy, entertaining starting with English novels.

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