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Nineteen eighty-four - A book review

March 10, 2008
Posted by mmarvs in : Books
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1984.jpgReview by Miguel de Zárraga

Nineteen eighty-four is appart from Animal farm the most famous novel by the British journalist and novelist Eric Arthur Blair, known as George Orwell who was born in Motihari (Bengal) in 1903 and died in London in 1950, Orwell was appalled by Hitler’s rise to power in Germany and the Spanish Civil War, so he wrote Nineteen eighty-four as his vision of the totalitarianism.

Set in the future, Nineteen eighty-four tells us about the fight of the leading protagonist Winston Smith, who only wants be free, and the Party, a dark government who had taken control over all aspects of daily life and pretended to eradicate individualism by systematically modifying history and severely punishing anyone who disagreed. In the end Winston is completely defeated and under torture betrays all his ideals and feelings by becoming a devoted Party supporter.

In my opinion Nineteen eighty-four is a sad and disturbing story. Obviously, neither in 1984 nor before 2007 such a terrible situation has taken place. However I think that to a lesser degree we can see modern governments trying to control media, rewriting history to their convenience, promoting confrontation between people taking advantage of the cultural, racial or religious differences and by also using all the means available to avoid any rightful dissidence. In my view, the frightening world that Orwell describes is not that far away from us as we would like to.

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