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“Money makes the world go round” from Cabaret

April 1, 2008
Posted by mmarvs in : Audio and Video, General
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As we have been talking about money in class, if it is the root of all evil, or if it can buy happiness, let’s look at this ironic view from the brilliant film “Cabaret”. Liza Minelly and Joel Grey are simply brilliant in their roles.

Read the lyrics, if you like, but look at the show first!

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1. Rocío Álvarez Escudero - 1 April 2008 

What a show!!! I have not seen this film, and now I regret not having done it when one friend recommended it to me. I suppose I would have to search for it…
Appart from that, I must say that the song has brought me to my high-school days. My mates and I, don’t know why, were always singing it and laughing our heads off. It was so a great time, jaja.
And, what about the saying? I do absolutely agree with it. Perhaps, as we said yesterday in class, money is not related to happiness, but it is obvious that where there’s money there is more investigation and improvements in new technologies, medicine… , that comes to make life easier for people. This way, they have more time to search for even better improvements…just as a vicious circle; in which the more you have, the more and more you get.

2. Beatriz Fernández López - 1 April 2008 

It´s impossible to deny that Liza Minelly is a wonderful artist, I think she and her partner are absolutely amazing in this video. She is fabulous as a singer and as an actress.

I find highly useful listened songs to learn English, specially if you have the lyrics, because you can learn vocabulary, improve your pronunciation and If you are able to sing the song in time you´ll increase your fluency. In this case is quiet difficult to follow the song, they sing very quickly!

Talking to the message of the song, It´s said that “the money makes the world go round”, but I wish the love would make the world go round.

3. Cristina González Blanco 5ºG - 3 April 2008 

In fact, it is a great pity. However, it is true that “money makes the world go round”. Just think about of all the richest countries: their inhabitants have a higher standard of living and more resources that in developing ones. I will not deal with this topic in depth because I have talked about something similar at Isabel Allende’s post.

By the way, I am going to write about a real example that money helps to give us happiness: one of my friends met a beautiful girl in a holiday. She is from Canada, and thanks to his high wage (well he is not rich but he can afford more things than others), he could travel very often to Canada to see her, and now they are married. From my point of view, if either of them hadn’t had enough money, I am sure that the relationship had reduced to several emails and talks through Skype, but only as friends. So, here you are a real story of money helps to reach the happiness. Of course they loved each other a lot, otherwise, although they had money, the story wouldn’t have ended like this.

4. Adriana Carriles (5ºH) - 5 April 2008 

I do agree with this song: “Money makes the world go round”. This shouldn’t be a surprise, it’s something obvious since the Ancient Times. The History of Human Civilisation is the story of power and money.

Of course there are some other important topics (frienship, love…) but, after all, and as far as I know, we can only enjoy all those other things if we have money to “buy” time and hapiness. The good thing, though, is that money also provides opportunities to medical investment, social politics, enviromental cares… it’s also a good incentive for creativity (for example, videogames to play in our free time). And of course, money helps goverment’s education system; with money we can have more State schools and universities with ITC rooms, public libraries, international grants (like the well-knonw Erasmus) and so on. And the fact is, the more educated that a society is, the better and faster it can be developed.

Yes, anything and everything is possible in this wonderland, and (almost) all you need is a good amount of cash. I can be told that money can’t buy “your” personal hapiness, but thinking in general terms, money helps Human being’s comfort.

And even in “personal hapiness”, money is an essential part of our life and health. Money, social status, or whatever you want to called it, provides good health and personal well-being. I mean, the more money you have, the more control and autonomy you are likely to have over how you live your own life and spend your working day. Autonomy spells satisfaction because it gives you the chance for realising your desires and choices, and for spending time in your personal, social life. There are powerful evidences that this life-control and a good social intercourse make us happy, and happiness is the best possible shield against illness.

5. Nightwish - 8 April 2008 

Memories! Liza was an emerging star when Cabaret got recorded. For those who were children then, she was Judy Garland’s daughter. And those were the times when we watched uncoloured films, unforgettable films as “The wizard of Oz” or “A star is born”, with Judy Garland. And now, as Beatriz said, we can understand very well what these songs mean having their lyrics. That helps to learn English in a better way.
I would like being a little bit idealist about the topic “money”. That would be pretty! But reality bites: I don’t find better arguments than Adriana did. I wish the things were not that way, but money is the king. Whatever you do, wherever you go, money is all around. Maybe it’s excessive, but it’s absolutely true.

6. Ricardo Mallo Muñoz - 8 April 2008 

In my opinion money, although we deny it, is for much people if not the most important thing one of the most important. People usually believe that money can buy your happinnes but with a quick look around you, you would discover that it is not always true.

To talk about this topic you have to think in the opposite poles of wealth. I think that poor people would say that money is their road to happiness but rich people would say that it is not a basic thing. Overall this kind of considerations people´s happiness is the thing that makes the world goes round. You can think in some cases to show this, for example, I have heard about a man that was very rich and one day he decided to leave his home and his family and he is now living in the street like a beggar.

This film show the obsession that some people have with money.They put money before their families and some of this families usually go to bankrupt.

7. Àgueda Fernàndez Quintana - 11 April 2008 

I do love this film,its spectacles are hair-raising.This motion has made me remember about Cabaret…I need to watch it again.

Anyway,we’re talking about money…
From my point of view (which is mainly a negative one) I have to say that achieving happiness without enough money is impossible.I don’t mean being wealthy,but having an average wage and being a ‘medium class’ citizen.Too much money can be dangerous if you’re a proud person and you love power.

‘Money makes the world go round’,that`s a sad truth but we have to be realistic.I am thinking about idillic songs like the one we have studied (’Can`t buy me love’)…our world would be nicer if money hadn’t been created but the fact is that now whe can change these deep roots of capitalism.Most of teenagers (and also adults) think the world is moved by love and friendship.I just feel it’s stupid,we can’t turn a blind eye and pretende everything is perfect.This is not Wonderland…

One of the biggest issues about money is related to personal happinness.I was thinking about it when I read the Adriana Carriles’ post.I totally agree with her as we all need money to take care of our health and social life.In my case,I do love things like travelling,going out or attending concerts.These are expensive hobbies but they’re also an important part of my happiness.We all need to unwind sometimes,and we can’t leave home without money.

Of course,a big amount of money is not the only thing you can achieve in your life,there are more important things (as health,friendship and peace of mind,for instance.)The other day I was having a chinwag with a classmate before a hard exam.We both were exhausted and were feeling like just giving up.I mentioned ‘vocation’ as a reason to keep studying and trying hard.He laughted his head off as he thinks it’s not an important issue and he suggested other options like high salaries,great jobs and social possitions.I felt furious…yes,’money is definitely the root of all devils’.

It has taken me a long time to read all the previous comments but I have to say that I’ve found interesting opinions.Cristina Blanco’s story is very shocking (the one about the girl from Canada…),a good example of how money can make our lifes become better.

As happens with everything in life,we need to be balanced when we think about money.Enough is necessary,too much can be dangerous,too little is problematic.

8. Sara Gutiérrez Alonso (5ºH) - 24 April 2008 

Because the computer didn’t let me to see the video called “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus” I decided to see this one and I don’t regret it!! I have really enjoyed the video and I have found it quite funny. I have never seen this film but I’m sure I will see it one day. About what the song says, I completely agree. We like it or not, nowadays money makes the world round. I remember that one day I had to defend in class that the world was not moved by money, I didn’t know what to say about it! Definitely, most of the things we have are based of money and although sometimes we deny it, it is very important in our lives.

9. COSUAL - 14 May 2008 

“Money makes the world go round”. Everything in the world depends on money. Money means power and power means to have money. The most part of the global problems are related with money: wars, politics, business, climate change… It’s true that without money some other things would be impossible to do, for example, the development of the educational system, the possibilities of getting state grants to study abroad or the possibility of buying a house, but not everything in our life can be bought with money. Happiness, health, friendship, love are difficult to get and the money can’t buy them, although having a good proportion of it can help in some complex situations. These points of view are like the fish that eats its own tail (as a Spanish saying tells us).

If we think in a general way, the politics of the first world is based on money without taking care of being thrifty. From my point of view, problems on the third world are surrounded by money, the governments use it to fight in order to get power but they don’t think about eradicating the poverty, the starvation and diseases on their countries, so in this case money is the root of the devil.

On the other hand, if we think in a particular way, we can’t survive without money but our lives need a proportional amount of money in order not to change our personalities. Too much money can be dangerous; you can waste it because you have it without thinking in the future. Too little, it isn’t enough to live decently. So the adequate proportion is the just for living and a bit more, in order to have some caprices from time to time.

10. Kata - 24 July 2008 

I totally agree with the people that say thet almoast everything is related to money, even happiness

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