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“Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus”: Are they?

April 24, 2008
Posted by mmarvs in : Audio and Video, Debates, General
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Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, by John Gray, was published in May 1992 and stayed in the best selling lists for 6 years. In his book, Dr Gray, a doctor in phychology, defends the theory that men and women can’t easily understand each other unless they become aware of the fact that they are as different as beings from different planets. He offers many suggestions for improving husband-wife relationships by understanding the communication style and emotional needs of the opposite gender.

Watch John Gray explaining some of his theories.

“What Makes Men Happy is Not the Same for Women”

How Men Communicate”

“How Men and Women Cope with Stress Differently”

Do you agree with Gray?

Read this post in a blog about a writing experiment carried out by an English professor from the University of Phoenix, which seems to illustrate John Gray’s theory.

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1. Adriana Carriles 5ºH - 24 April 2008 

It’s absolutely right what he has said! hahaha

Truth to be said, sometimes we are quite difficult to understand. But in the other hand, we are not asking for impossible things, you know, talking a few minutes a day, being listened and being noticed. If men know how to “survive” with us, why they don’t do it? Maybe they do like having quarrels…

2. Nightwish - 24 April 2008 

On my opinion we are offered too many stereotypes from these videos. Basically, there might’nt be differences between women and men, except those which come from different physical characteristics. But there are social factors which rule an important game on that “war between sexes”. We have been seeing, listening for so many years stereotypes like “men don’t cry”, “women are more sensitive”, “men are mono-neuronal” and so on, that we actually believe that they are true and we assume them as a behaviour to imitate. The main point is, fortunately, that all of you are different, no matter if we are women or men, and, so, we might have different behaviours. What a boring world, if we had the same characteristics, the same desires, the same dreams, the same clothes…!

3. Blue apple - 24 April 2008 

Well… I have to recognise thai I have laughed a bit wirh Gray’s speech, but, all this silly stereotypes aren’t true at all. Well, they can be in some cases, but generalising is always a bad idea. I wouldn’t buy his book, because I’m already fed up with all this stuff about women and men.

4. Àgueda - 24 April 2008 

I agree with Blue apple,I’m also fed up with stereotypes.In my case,I don’t feel identified with the idea of a typical woman (I just hate it)

5. abbey - 24 April 2008 

I agree with my classmates, it shows a lot of stereotypes. I think that we can´t generalise, it depends on each person. For example, I know boys that are extremely sensitive and girls that are the opposite. I don´t belive in stereotypes, but in some cases (to be honest) they are true. I mean, not all, but most of the women like talking about their feelings, thoughts… and , not all again, but most of the men hate it. It´s clear that we are different, but I´m sure that we aren´t absolutely different (like other people say).
Unfortunately or fortunately, women can’t live without men, and the same for men, so why don´t we try to enjoy our relationships and try to enjoy our partner too?

6. Cristina González Blanco 5ºG - 26 April 2008 

It is annoying to have to listen to these stereotypes the whole time!! What a nuisance! I’m tired about this topic. Of course there are differences between men and women (the same one that could among people from different countries, customs, habits, etc). The thing is, from my point of view this article is absolutely biased in favour of men. It seems that women are too much sweet (although in a not very good way), and hysterical and moaning about all the problems that surrounds them (or us).

Moreover, we might behave different depending on which education we have been given. I mean, if parents say their daughter to be very strong, or to their son to show his feelings…do we have the right to say that human being have certain behaviour depending of the sex? I’m almost sure that, what makes us different is education, but since many years we haven’t been doing the same with boys and girls.

7. Verónica Díaz Suárez (5º H) - 27 April 2008 

I must admit that it has been quite funny to watch these videos. He is totally right in some of his examples but for me, others are stereotypes. Stereotypes are stereotypes and not all the people in the world have the same way of thinking and solving different kind of problems.
The situations that he has talked about are similar to the Spanish series called “Escenas de matrimonio” but they don’t reflect all kind of behaviours of our society.
I agree with my classmates that think that our way of thinking is provided by our education, it doesn’t depend on being a woman or a man.

8. Maria Jose - 27 April 2008 

As a teacher of English as a second language I have to congratulate you both: teacher and students. A great activity, very interesting to read.
Thank you for doing things like this.
If you want to read a little bit more about the subject you’ll find it in INSIDE OUT V, unit 1.

9. Sara Gutiérrez Alonso 5ºH - 10 May 2008 

Although it is made by a lot of stereotypes currently known in our society, I must admit I have enjoyed the video! On the other hand I agree with Águeda and Blue Apple because I also think that we are now in the 21st century and some of them are not true at all.

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