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The Brain-Wiring Test

April 24, 2008
Posted by mmarvs in : General
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Why don’t men hear a request to put out the rubbish while they’re reading a newspaper? Why do men turn off the radio when they’re parking? Why do women turn maps upside down to read them, but men never do?

In their controversial book on the differences between the way men and women think,  Why Men don’t Listen and Women Can’t Read Maps, Barbara and Allan Pease travelled around the world, investigating evolutionary biology, analysing psychologists, studying social change.

One of the tests included in this book is the Brain-Wiring Test, designed to indicate the masculinity or feminity of your brain patterns.

Check it yourself and answer the questions as honestly as you can: here’s the test (PDF format- 3 pages)!

And here your can check the the result.

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1. Cristina González Blanco - 25 April 2008 

Well, I am not going to take this test seriously, because I have obtained 120 points!! So do I have a man brain? :p Oh my God!! On the other hand, my score is almost in the average rating, so I am not worried at all. Luckily, the test has only ten questions, and from my point of view it is not enough to analyze the brain… or that is what I expect ;)

2. Adriana Carriles - 25 April 2008 

240 points, haha

I had a good time doing this test but it’s a completely nonsense. At least for me, sorry. The test includes a good number of stereotypes that aren’t true at all (I can read perfectly a map, even better than many men I met).

I think that people can’t be divided into so unflexible categories especially when you use so silly questions (we are not “things”!, our brain is much more complex, and we also depend on traditions, social roles and family’s education).

3. Verónica Díaz Suárez (5º H) - 27 April 2008 

I’m sorry but I don’t agree with my result on this test. This test isn’t the perfect guide to know how people can be in the real world.
I agree with Adriana, the test is too silly and the questions don’t have enough options to choose, so I have decided not to follow the meaning of my result.
Each person is different and each one can use the two halves of the brain depending on the education and their way of thinking.
I’m a bit sceptical with this kind of tests, I’m sorry.

4. xil - 7 May 2008 

After having answered sincerely the test, I should be a bit worried because my mark is very high. But this is only a sexist commentary.
I think men and women have evident psychological differences but it is so dangerous to deny them as increasing them.
I can’t understant those feminist women that make an effort to be the most similar to men that they can.

5. MARIA COTELO - 13 May 2008 

My score was 225 and I agree that differences between men and women are obvious. Those differences are more remarkable when you share a flat or you are married with a man. Last week at work in our coffee break some colleges were complaining about their husbands. The thing was that the previous day one of the girls entrusted her husband with going to the supermarket for buying a list of things. When he returned after two hours, he just appeared with loads of chocolates, marmalade and two packets of biscuits. It sounded really funny and we were laughing for half an hour. The problem was that the rest of the girls who where there and married, have lived several times the same situation.

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