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Book Review: Brave New World

May 11, 2008
Posted by mmarvs in : Books
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Review by Águeda Fernández

huxley2.jpgBRAVE NEW WORLD
Aldous Huxley

Future…how can this word make our life so unpredictable?
Despite the fact that this book was written in 1932 and it is thought not to be a scientific prophecy, the chemically-driven happiness that Huxley imagined is not so different from our life-style nowadays. Adolf Huxley didn’t want to write a piece of ill-concieved futurology, he was only trying to write an ironic view of future. Sarcasm encompasses each chapter so that his book is not very thick but it definitely has an intense philosophycal flavour. “Brave new world” is an extremely well-written novel that will make you think about the way we’re threating our appalled planet.

What should be done in order to improve our future? Is science omnipotent? How can we achieve peace of mind? What ought to be really called happiness?
Sometimes you can feel a bit lost being surrounded by so many questions and hard answers. Each human being deserves happiness and we all try to find the “secret ingredient” in order to make our existence deeper and more intense. However we all should ask ourselves, am I trying my best? The fact is that we base our happiness on mass-produced goods, brands and wages while its enticing lure becomes more and more poisonous. Do we really care about human rights and morality?

Huxley imagined a technological society where we all become comfortably numb and our life is guided by drugs and consumerism. “Brave new world” is a loveless, horrible and sinister place where humans have lost their sensitivity and feelings. It’s hard to survive being encompassed by a shattering atmosphere where everybody feels let down and quite insecure.

I’ll strongly recommend you “Brave new world” if you have already read and enjoyed “1984″.

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