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“Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus”: Are they?

April 24, 2008
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Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, by John Gray, was published in May 1992 and stayed in the best selling lists for 6 years. In his book, Dr Gray, a doctor in phychology, defends the theory that men and women can’t easily understand each other unless they become aware of the fact that they are as different as beings from different planets. He offers many suggestions for improving husband-wife relationships by understanding the communication style and emotional needs of the opposite gender.

Watch John Gray explaining some of his theories.

“What Makes Men Happy is Not the Same for Women”

How Men Communicate”

“How Men and Women Cope with Stress Differently”

Do you agree with Gray?

Read this post in a blog about a writing experiment carried out by an English professor from the University of Phoenix, which seems to illustrate John Gray’s theory.

The Paradox of Choice

April 18, 2008
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Having a choice is supposed to give us freedom and happiness in life.

Not according to Barry Schward, a sociology professor at Swarthmore College and author of The Paradox of Choice. In this talk, he persuasively explains how and why the abundance of choice in modern society is is in fact a burden and making us miserable.

Do you agree?

“Money makes the world go round” from Cabaret

April 1, 2008
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As we have been talking about money in class, if it is the root of all evil, or if it can buy happiness, let’s look at this ironic view from the brilliant film “Cabaret”. Liza Minelly and Joel Grey are simply brilliant in their roles.

Read the lyrics, if you like, but look at the show first!

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