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Motion for Debate: Lesbian and Gay Adoption Controversy

 Proposed by Javier Villares

Lesbian and Gay Adoption


There is significant controversy surrounding adoption by same-sex couples. Together with same-sex marriage and adoption by same-sex couples, parenting by same-sex couples is a major lesbian and gay rights issue in many countries around the world. The controversy generally concerns whether or not there will be negative consequences for children raised by same-sex couples. Specific questions include the potential for gender confusion, biased sexual orientation, or the general well-being of such children. For a brief survey of related arguments and sociological studies, see the main article.

Arguments in favour:

The United States has many children waiting to be adopted. Older children and those with special needs are especially hard to place. Children who fit this category are in foster homes right now with gay and lesbian parents who want to adopt them. It is unfair to the children to deny them permanent secure homes.

Most children in the United States do not live with two married parents. In fact, according to the 2000 census, only 24% homes were composed of a married mother and father with children living at home. The Florida court argues that children are better off raised in a two-parent heterosexual household. In fact, scientific studies have shown that children who grow up in one or two-parent gay or lesbian households fare just as well emotionally and socially as children whose parents are heterosexual.

Arguments against:

Florida argues that it has the right ban gay adoptions because it is the state’s way of saying it disapproves of gay and lesbians becoming parents.

The Florida court argues that children are better off in homes with a mother and a father who are married.

Some opponents argue that children of gay and lesbian parents will be subject to harassment and ridicule.

Legal status around the world




1. Núria Lagunas García - 27 March 2007 

Of course i agree. What’s better??? Parents who beat their children or a couple of lesbians/gays who really love having babies? I’m absolutly in favour because children need a family who love them and a family it’s not necessary woman-man, a family is made of people who love each other.

2. Alberto Pérez Meléndez - 27 March 2007 

I´m in favour of gay/lesbian adoption.
What´s the most significant thing about adoption?. From my point of view is a form of relationthip no matter if their members are a gay couple.The real thing is to make the child feel valued,and supported.I truly believe gay/lesbian couples should be able to adopt. I hope society will turn into more accepting of gays and lesbians. We all are the same and we breath the same air.

3. Rebeca Arévalo - 27 March 2007 

I totally agree with my partners. What’s the meaning of the word “family”, nowadays? It depends on who answers this question. For me, the family is not designed as “father” and “mother”, it is designed as a group of people who love each other and want to build a future together and with children, without caring if these chidren are biological or not. This is the most important fact about families: love between them as the main base. Who thinks that gay or lesbian can’t love or care their children as heterosexual couples care them? Aren’t they people in love and with love to give, as the other ones?

4. Marta Arias - 29 March 2007 

Nowadays in our society are widows and widowers with children, single mothers, even single women and men can adopt children. So, why homosexual couples can´t be good parents?
Children need love and somebody who looks after them.

5. Javier Villallana - 30 March 2007 

I have the impression that motherhood and fatherhood bring together an enormous responsibility. That’s what it is all about. It really doesn’t matter if you are an “hetero” or a “homo” couple. The point is to be responsible for what you have chosen. Reality proves that some “hetero” couples shouldn’t have had children because they don’t take care of them. In addition, we shouldn’t forget that nature is based on males and females, except in some cases of hermaphroditism like snails. I don’t think there’s nothing wrong for a baby to grow up with a “hetero” couple.

6. Javier Parra - 3 April 2007 

I’m completely agree with my partners, specially with Marta, who enumerate the different types of families that we can find nowadays.
And she is completely right with her last sentence because the children who are given in adoption, need a lot of care and love and the love can be given by a hetero couple or by a lesbian (or gay) couple.

7. Paola Sancho García - 3 April 2007 

Following the points of my mates, I absolutely agree with this topic. We are not talking about the sexual direction of parents but of affection and responsability that is what matters in the end regardless you are hetero, homo or a single mother/father.
I also think the rules and requirements should be the same for everybody as what should be evaluted is the capacity of someone of being responsible of a child, not his sexual preferences.
And with much more reasons two people who form a couple and love each other, who would be good parents above all in comparison with the cases propossed by Nuria of perants beating children or things like that.

8. Lucía Suárez Fernández 5º F - 13 April 2007 

I think it’s unfair that same-sex couples don’t have the same rights for adopting children when they have the same duties, obligations and responsibilities as any other citizen.

There are many children waiting for it in children’s homes and these couples can give them familiar stability and fill in their lacks. What’s more, it’s sure these children would receive education based on respect and tolerance, something that is really necessary nowadays because of the changing concept of family.

9. Ramona González - 13 April 2007 

I absolutely agree with my classmates. In addition I felt really happy when I read your opinions because most of you are very young people and so the future is in your hands. All this country ( in fact all the countries ) needs is open-minded citizens.

10. Ana San José - 18 April 2007 

I agree with Lucia at all. it´s totally unfair that a child could´t be adopt by a couple that will really love him/her, just because of their sexual life.

Nowadays a family it´s not made by a father and a mother, there are divorced parents, widow/er ones, old and joung ones, and the children can be happy, just if there is love and responsability at their homes. So the sex thing has nothing to do in this matter.

It is unfair

11. Francisco Javier Fernández García, 5ºD - 20 April 2007 

It´s a very difficult question. Of course, lesbian and gay people should have the same rights as other couples but maybe adopting children is a more serious matter because it can be somehow harmful for children.

12. Sandra López - 21 April 2007 

I agree with the majority of my classmates.Gays and Lesbians are not strange people they are humans as everybody,with their feelings and their problems,so they should have the same rights that everybody.Moreover I´m sure that a lot of children would have a better live with this lesbian gays couples than with the parents who gave them in adoption although they were a man and a woman

13. Daniel - 21 April 2007 

I haven´t got anything against gays and lesbians, and I don´t mind if they get married, and that kind of things. But having children is another story.
One important point to consider is everybody needs a mother and father each one gives you things a same-sex couple couldn´t give you. Because men and women are complementary and for this reason they are the only ones indicated to be able to have children.

14. Sandra Fernández - 24 April 2007 

I totally agree with Nuria. Humans were supposedly created to have male and female relationships and, from their love, children are born. But, nowadays, I think gay and lesbian couples totally have the right to adopt children because the sexual orientation doesn´t matter, the only thing that matters is that they undertake to love them forever.

15. Juan - 6 May 2007 

I don´t agree, but I’ll have to care about what I write because this is a topic that has been discussed a lot of times and it always ends up creating total controversy.

First of all, I want to remark the idea that humans were to create children from the love between men and women (respectively, of course). I also think that a child needs a father and a mother, because they both take part in the child’s growing up. A father has a role different to the mother’s; the father has to teach the child some things, and the mother another ones, and there´s no way a father can supplant a mother, and vice versa.

To sum up, it´s no good to have 2 fathers or 2 mothers, because you´ll lack the opposite person (a mother or a father, respectively), and i think there´s a natural balance that is necessary to keep in these matters.

16. Julio Muiña Nosti - 9 May 2007 

I don´t see why couples of lesbian or guys can not be parents. In my opinion they can take care of the children as well as an heterosexual couples but it is experts who have the last word.

17. Javier Villares Cantón - 10 May 2007 

To Juan.
And what about monoparental families? Must society take away their children to those women who live alone or to those fathers who don’t have a woman with them due to several reasons?

What I get from your writing is that society should do it.
And what about those children living in orphanages, do they have the right roles to look up to?
Do we must take away their children to wives whose husbands spend months and months away from home because of their job? Or maybe we should forbid them from having children?

18. Pedro Álvarez Sariego 5ºD - 13 May 2007 

i think that it´s a difficult item to deal with because people´s opinion about that difers widely. We have to think about children´s opinion.

19. Ramona González - 18 May 2007 

There are two only things that all the children in the world need:
* The first one is Security.
* The second one is love.
Of course this is not my opinion, It is Science; It is what all the experts (Psychologist and Psychiatrist) are saying to those who want to listen to them.
Where’s the controversy them? In experts from the churchs, maybe? The big problem is that Religion is always related to believes, faith and fears but never to Science.

20. Alhamdi Alfi Dwi Reswari - 12 November 2009 

Right for same-sex in adoption children, it’s not significant, because it can give different moral and bad effect for children. for adoption children we believe by Michael Jackson song, “what more can I give” Hear that! because that song can explain people and children who need us

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