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Motions for debate 2008

The section Motions for Debate was created in 2007 and was developed by my students in Fifth year. It was a fantastic experience for me as a teacher, because I really had a great time reading the task I had asked to do. Students felt motivated to write for new readers: no more writing for just the teacher, judging your mistakes and giving a mark.

Now it is time for us to start a new block of debates. In the right-hand column you will find the different proposals your classmates have put forward. Choose the ones you find most appealing and take part!

Your comments should not exceed five lines. Summarise your ideas and let the debate flow.


María Valdés


1. Wendelynn - 24 June 2009 

Women are better at coping with stress than men because they are the ones who are good at talking and expressing their feelings?

Who is better the men or women?

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