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Book Review: Brave New World

May 11, 2008
Posted by mmarvs in : Books
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Review by Águeda Fernández

huxley2.jpgBRAVE NEW WORLD
Aldous Huxley

Future…how can this word make our life so unpredictable?
Despite the fact that this book was written in 1932 and it is thought not to be a scientific prophecy, the chemically-driven happiness that Huxley imagined is not so different from our life-style nowadays. Adolf Huxley didn’t want to write a piece of ill-concieved futurology, he was only trying to write an ironic view of future. Sarcasm encompasses each chapter so that his book is not very thick but it definitely has an intense philosophycal flavour. “Brave new world” is an extremely well-written novel that will make you think about the way we’re threating our appalled planet.
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“Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus”: Are they?

April 24, 2008
Posted by mmarvs in : Audio and Video, Debates, General

Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, by John Gray, was published in May 1992 and stayed in the best selling lists for 6 years. In his book, Dr Gray, a doctor in phychology, defends the theory that men and women can’t easily understand each other unless they become aware of the fact that they are as different as beings from different planets. He offers many suggestions for improving husband-wife relationships by understanding the communication style and emotional needs of the opposite gender.

Watch John Gray explaining some of his theories.

“What Makes Men Happy is Not the Same for Women”

How Men Communicate”

“How Men and Women Cope with Stress Differently”

Do you agree with Gray?

Read this post in a blog about a writing experiment carried out by an English professor from the University of Phoenix, which seems to illustrate John Gray’s theory.