You were waiting for me, weren’t you?

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Hello and welcome to all my students of 3rd bilingual.
This is our first year together, and we will use this blog as a tool that will help you in your learning of maths in English.

As you can see the name of the blog is:


Do you know why?

Do you understand the pun?

You usually call the subject of Mathematics ‘ MATES

Mates in English means companion, comrade, friend…and that’s what I want.

I wish that from now on, Mathematics are your friends and good companions on this trip that we are going to do together.

I know that learning maths in English isn’t easy, but DON’T  WORRY!!…I’ll help you!!

In this blog you will find helpful exercises, interactive activities, videos, vocabulary, reading, games…etc, to help you practice and improve in the subject.

Sometimes there will be activities in Spanish …. gooooooood!

So, come on!!!… What are you waiting to start?

Thank you very much for your great effort!

and …………………..


I also want to acknowledge the great help of the websites that we use.