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In 1936 started the civil war a military rebellion that Franco led. Spain was divided in two groups Nationalists who were led by Franco (they were the right wing an they helped by Germany and Italy) and the Republicans they supported the republic and they were the left wing and they helped by Soviet Union.

It ended in 1939 Nationalists won. The republic ended and they established a dictatorship. The consequences were lost family, economic loses, 365.000 people died, the society was divided, it destroyed the bridges buildings…, no food and people went to exile . It was devastating.

Written by SAMUEL.MChulo

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Chulo…HELLO ,I am Alice and i am going to talk about …


His daugther was Isabel II  and the brother was Carlos {I}. Fernando change the salic law because …    he wanted  his daugther Isabel  to govern.

After this …In 1833

there was a sucesión conflict ! Llorando{ THE CARLISTS WARS}.THE PEOPLE DIVIDED IN TWO  GROUPS.



the liberals prefered  Isabel to Queen and the carlists prefer Carlos to king.Finaly…


Became Queen…   but … the people not according with  this and started the riots and the conflicts. Isabel ended up goingto France to exileLlorandoLlorandoLlorandoLlorando.



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It was in  18 th century .The King of FRANCE  was Luis XVI. In 1789 the King haD all the power. The King was the higgest in the pyramid of the social classes ,the NOBLES were in the middle and the WORKERS were the lower.

The King and the NOBLES  had priviledges and   the WORKERS lived in the misery  and payed many taxes .

The people REVOLTED  because they didn´t have rights.14 of  July the people take the King to the prison {bastille}.They formed the NATIONAL ASSEMBLED and they stablished a valúes by the NATIONAL ASSEMBLED:                                                            --Liberty.-Equity.-Fraternity.

When the Civil War ended

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Answer these questions about Franco’s dictatorship. you can find the information in your book pages 26 and 27:

1) Who became the head of state and of the government after the Second Republic?

2) How was Franco called?

3) What is the difference between a dictatorship and a democracy?

4) What were the three pillars of Franco’s dictatorship?

5) What heppened with the Constitution and the elections?

6) What happened with political parties and trade unions (sindicatos)?

7) What happened with the freedom of press?

8 ) Where was the power centrered?

9) What happened with people who opposed Franco’s ideas?

10) How were the living conditions in the 40’s - 50’s in Spain?

11) Did Spain participate in the Second Waorld War?

12) Why did living conditions improved in the 60’s?

13) Who was Franco’s successor?

14) Which two groups were there when Franco was ill?

15) Who was Admiral Carrero Blanco? What did he want?

16) What was ETA? What did they do in 1973?

17) When did Franco die?

18) What happened when he died?

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The Spanish Civil War

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Hello, I am Darío and I am going to explain you the Civil War. It began when General Francisco Franco did a military coup in 1936 in Spanish Morocco because he and the Nationalist opposed the ideas of the Republic.

During the war the society was divided in two groups: the Nationalist and Republicans, nationalist supported Franco and the republicans supported, the Republic. It was the end of the Second Spanish Republic and the beginning of the Franco´s dictatorship.

The consequences of the Civil: around 365000 persons died, it destroyed buildings, bridges, railways… people were forced to leavee Spain in exile, people became ill because they didn’t have enough food. There were economic losses and lost of families.


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Hi, Iḿ Samuel and I am going to talk about the beginning of the 20 century.

Alfonso Xlll, son of Alfonso Xll, took the power in 1902. In that times there were five parties: the socialist, the nationalist, the republicans, the conservatives and the liberals. People was unhappy and they did strikes.

In 1923 the Restauration ended and Primo de Rivera´s dictatorship did a military coup whicht lasted 7 years. Primo de Rivera had the support of Alfonso Xll. Primo de Rivera suspended the Constitution, did that political parties became illegal and limited the freedom of the press. Spain won the war in Morocco.

In 1930 Primo de Rivera lost the support of Alfonso Xlll and resigned. In 1931 republicans parties won in elections.

Written by Samueltm21. Sonriente


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Hi, my name is Irene and I am going to talk about Spain at the beginning of the 20th century.Chulo

In 1902 Alfonso XIII (Alfonso´s XII son) became king.

The people did strike because they were unhappy with the situation in Spain and there were nationalist problems in Catalonia and Euskadi because they wanted to independizate.

Then Primo de Rivera did a military coup and he estabilished a dictatorship that lasted seven years, during the dictatorship he changed the rules and he won a war in Morocco.

Later he lost the support and he had to resigned and Alfonso had to go on exile to France.


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Hello my name is IreneForrado and I am going to talk about the second spanish republic.

In 1931 the second spanish republic was proclemed because the Republicans and the Nationalist won the elections.

It had two presidents: Niceto Alcala Zamora and Manuel Azaña. The colours of the flag were: red, yellow and purple.

They wrote a new constituticrintroducy introduced the rigth for woman to vote.

They did land reforms, laboral reforms and educational reforms and  Catalonia and Euskadi got Statutes of Autonomy.

And the church lost the power of education.

20th Century

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The 20th century started with Alfonso XIII, the son of Alfonso XII. Spain had many conflicts: social conflicts and political conflicts.

The Liberians and Conservatives kept turns but Spain have other parties: republican parties, nationalist powers and social parties.

The workers had bad conditions and they demanded better conditions. In 1923 because of these problems Primo De Rivera(dictator) got the power: he suspended the constitution and power of the king and political parties became illegal. People didnt support Primo De Rivera and he suppored.

Written by SAMUEL.M