Industrial Revolution

The industrial revolution started in England from 1780 to 1850. Before the industrial revolution the people lived thanks to the agriculture and livestock.

In the industrial revolution was the invention of the steam engine. The steam engine was invented by James Watt. Before people worked with their hands. The steam engine transformed energy of steam to power and it did the work of the workers but more quick and better.

In the industrial revolution disappeared workshops and rural society and appeared factories and machines, also the steam engine was applied to the transports and to machines.

The people had to emigrate from the countryside to the big cities. In the social classes were the bourgeoisie that became rich trading and invested their money in technology and built factories and the proletarians that they were the workers. The proletarians worked in bad conditions and in dangerous and they asked for rights such as vacations, work 8 hours, no work for children and rest on Sundays.

Written by Samuel T.Chulo

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