Hi, Iḿ Samuel and I am going to talk about the beginning of the 20 century.

Alfonso Xlll, son of Alfonso Xll, took the power in 1902. In that times there were five parties: the socialist, the nationalist, the republicans, the conservatives and the liberals. People was unhappy and they did strikes.

In 1923 the Restauration ended and Primo de Rivera´s dictatorship did a military coup whicht lasted 7 years. Primo de Rivera had the support of Alfonso Xll. Primo de Rivera suspended the Constitution, did that political parties became illegal and limited the freedom of the press. Spain won the war in Morocco.

In 1930 Primo de Rivera lost the support of Alfonso Xlll and resigned. In 1931 republicans parties won in elections.

Written by Samueltm21. Sonriente

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