Answer these questions about Franco’s dictatorship. you can find the information in your book pages 26 and 27:

1) Who became the head of state and of the government after the Second Republic?

2) How was Franco called?

3) What is the difference between a dictatorship and a democracy?

4) What were the three pillars of Franco’s dictatorship?

5) What heppened with the Constitution and the elections?

6) What happened with political parties and trade unions (sindicatos)?

7) What happened with the freedom of press?

8 ) Where was the power centrered?

9) What happened with people who opposed Franco’s ideas?

10) How were the living conditions in the 40’s - 50’s in Spain?

11) Did Spain participate in the Second Waorld War?

12) Why did living conditions improved in the 60’s?

13) Who was Franco’s successor?

14) Which two groups were there when Franco was ill?

15) Who was Admiral Carrero Blanco? What did he want?

16) What was ETA? What did they do in 1973?

17) When did Franco die?

18) What happened when he died?

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