A sheep has got “wool”

15 05 2019

“Wool” means “lana” in Spanish. This is a silly mistake (almost the only one) that the student MAEVA CUELI SANTOS made in her work.  She has written a description about the following picture with some farm animals. Great work, Maeva, anyway!!!




10 05 2019

Our English textbooks in 6th grade have a UNIT about this interesting country:


And the students in class”6th A” learned about the situation of Canada in the world:


23 04 2019

A few pictures of our school display to show some english books, which are available in our SCHOOL LIBRARY:




20 04 2019

The students from the class  “6th A” present a few features about the life of such an important scientific woman:


17 03 2019

This film has been produced in our English lessons with 6th grade students:

Molly Malone

14 02 2019

Molly Malone is the name of a famous character in a very popular folk song from IRELAND. This is the Statue of Molly Mallone on Suffolk street in Dublin:

One of our students, Mateo Escobio Estrada, has played this song with his school recorder in one of our English lessons today. Well done MATEO !!! 👏 👏 👏 👏 Click  on both links to listen to Mateo’performance:

And here is the famous song with lyrics:

He is always playing computer games!!!

1 02 2019

Daniel has got a problem and his family wants to help him. This is a story taken from one book in our school library. Students in fourth grade have read it and the teacher has recorded it in this film:

She has got a cold

29 01 2019

The girl in this picture can’t go to school because she has got a cold. Carlota and Julia, from fourth grade, have made these wonderful descriptions about the picture:

Carlota’s description:

Julia’s description:

Santa’s visit

18 12 2018

This is a funny episode about Peppa Pig. But there are some mistakes in the subtitles.Can you find them?

To the Three Wise Men

18 12 2018

Wishing HEALTH, PEACE, HAPPINESS and LOVE TO EVERYBODY. This is what students in 4th grade wrote in their letters to the Three Wise Men: