There isn’t an airport in Nava

12 11 2018

Of course there isn’tTongue out. And there isn’t an underground station or a cinema.  Jorge Álvarez Sánchez, from the class group 4th B,  writes these sentences in his school essay about what there is and there isn’t in Nava. Congratulations Jorge!!!, Great work!!!


Jorge says: “I live in Nava. There’s a museum and a school. There isn’t an underground station or an airport. There are lots of cider factories and many restaurants. This is the break of the school. It’s my favourite place. I’m playing football with my friends, we play every day, it’s fun !!!”


Wales and Snowdon

12 11 2018

A couple of good works about Wales, made by Mateo Escobio and Olaya Molina. Both students belong to the class group “6th A”. Mateo’s work is a “POWERPOINT” presentation. Click on the picture to see it:



Learning adjetives with pumpkins

6 11 2018

Halloween has finished and the students in 4th grade have been practising how to use adjetives with pumpkin drawings, most of them about feelings and emotions



31 10 2018

Thank you very much to all the children who brought so many pumpkins to school. We also thank ther families for their help. Enjoy watching them:

Simon and the spy

29 10 2018

Click on the picture to listen to the story

“Room on the broom” song

24 10 2018

See this beautiful video with a song about the story “Room on the broom”…and… of course…ENJOY IT A LOT!!!

Possessive adjetives

22 10 2018

Click on the picture to listen to these sentences. Practise the pronuntiation many times.

His, her, their


Learn this chart by heart about the English possessive adjetives and their translation into Spanish:

Possessives chart

Now do these online exercises :              Tongue out       Yell

Parcels for Rooftops

16 10 2018

To the students in 4th grade: click on this picture to listen to the story.parcels-for-rooftops.jpg

Two books to read

10 10 2018

Hello students! Click on the pictures to listen to the books I recommended to you. Enjoy reading them!!!!


Postman & other jobs

5 10 2018

 Postman, postal worker, post officer???? We have seen these names and other names related to JOB names. Click on this drawing made by a student in 4th grade to see more pictures


See these couple of videos about this topic