From Edinburgh to Nava

14 11 2019

Edinburg map

Edinburgh, capital city of Scotland, is the place where Celia Terán Teja is living now, although she was born here in NAVA and attended San Bartolomé School when she was a primary student, some years ago. At the moment Celia is working for Ryanair Airline Company as a flight attendant, but she is also taking flying lessons to be a pilot, because she is passionate about the aircraft world.

We wish her the best of luck in her project and hope all her dreams come true. We have been surprised and delighted by her visit to our school recently, and we really thank her a lot for what she told us about her job and the importance of learning English as a way to open doors to the world.

See photograhps here

This is a school work where Celia participated a long time ago (about ten years ago). It’s called “Celia’s life”. Her knowledge of English was quite good in that moment, although it is much better now. Congratulations Celia for your achievements and we wish you a great success in everything !!!

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