Gymkana in the IES La Corredoria

19 12 2009

In December,The teachers of the Bilingual section created a gynkhanawhich consisted of the students of 2ºESo forming groups in order to complete some different set challenges.
The challenges included a logic puzzle of creating a set shape from given pieces,a who is who matching the correct teacher to their baby photo,a maths challenge,a timetale challenge to name but a few. Each group had 10 minutes per challenge and the completion of each challenge had a reward of up to 10 points.
Ultimately,the winning group received a good prize.


2 12 2009

La universidad de Oviedo nos invita a participar en este magnífico programa de Prevención del Cáncer . Así que….. venga ….entremos y …….  conviértete en un experto en el tema……. tendrás puntos de recompensa en clase.