The students from the first year of E.S.O. from the Bilingual section,formed 6 groups and each group chose a recipe in order to compete in a cooking contest.Each group followed their recipe and broughtin their dessert entry for the judges to taste and compare.
The groups then gave a short speech on why they should win.
out of the six desserts,the lemon sponge cake was declared the winner and their group won a meal in a very important restaurant from Oviedo.
while all the other participants received prizes of chocolates.
To finish the event,the students then joined together to sing a Christmas carol…before devouring the rest of the cakes¡


In December,The teachers of the Bilingual section created a gynkhanawhich consisted of the students of 2ºESo forming groups in order to complete some different set challenges.
The challenges included a logic puzzle of creating a set shape from given pieces,a who is who matching the correct teacher to their baby photo,a maths challenge,a timetale challenge to name but a few. Each group had 10 minutes per challenge and the completion of each challenge had a reward of up to 10 points.
Ultimately,the winning group received a good prize.

Happy Christmas 

The students from the second year of ESO from the bilingual section,performed a short play with a christmas theme to the students of the nearby primary school. The play acted out in English,focused on a small boy receiving a magical,talking,flying car from santa called Beeper.
This Santa sent his elves around to collect the christmas letters to Santa from the children in the audience and in return for their letters, they received sweets from the elves.

III Playground Games

III playground games at Cathedral square. Students from Bilingual Section,La Corredoria High School ,every year in May organise this activity.



Port_Tema 8 2ESO

This unit is incomplete. We are employed at her. We wait to be able to complete it rapidly.We hope that what exists you it turns out enterteining. Regards and up to the new course.




Hello students from 1 º ESO

This is our first unit of Englishman’s interactive work. We hope that you like it. We have tried to make it attractive and entertaining for you.. We hope that you do the activities until they are all right.We are sure that in this way you will learn all the contents. As you know,if  you find any mistake or something that does not work correctly, we will be grateful if you let us know.

CLICK in the image.    Port tema Clothes



SorprendidoI am very happy because Santa sent us a message telling us news from North Pole.How wonderful it would be spend christmas there¡¡¡

Bilingual section  

Welcome to our blog. We are working very hard to show you diferent web pages to learn English on line.Sonriente
Every week,we are going to try to keep in touch to you.

This week I recomend you this nice page. Enjoy it ¡¡

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I hope that everybody know what kind of recipe is going to make and what ingredients you need to buy.Sin palabrasI remind you some interesting pages for being an expert cook!    

Hi people! Sonriente
This is a video from you tube, we had problems last week at the computers room and we could´t watch it. I hope you enjoy with it.

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