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More 3D shapes, in Gauss project site

Posted by ricardogm on March 24th, 2011


Today we are going to visit the Gauss project site. It has been created by two teachers from Asturias. In fact, one of them is from Avilés and the other one from Pravia. Tasks for today:

  1. Pay attention to your teacher. He is going to give you an overview of the site and some intructions. To make it easier, turn off your screen.
  2. Visit the pages that start with ” desarrollo de…” Work out two or three questions from each page and write the answers in a word document. Save it with your name and the word Gauss in the title, and send it to my mail.
  3. Visit the rest of the pages and play with the shapes. Draw some sketches of them in your notebook.

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