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Playing with algebra

Posted by ricardogm on 27th March 2012


Today you have two tasks:

Write a short composition about the origin of the word “algebra”. Be careful, because you have to write it in english and in spanish. Send it to me, as usual

Play these algebra games, and send your best scores to me…

And many more here

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Posted by ricardogm on 26th March 2012


A new topic for today: algebra. As usual, we are going to start working with Anaya . Do parts 1, 2 and 3.

Now go to this page, read everything, and try to solve the questions. Send them to me, by mail.

And at last, play with these games

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Percentages (BBC activities)

Posted by ricardogm on 16th March 2012


I want you to send me a word document with three things:

1. Read these explanations and write in the document how to calculate a percentage of a quantity

2. Go to this page and do the activity. Write in the document, in spanish, all you can about the activity

3. Play this game, and send me your scores

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Imperial and metric measurements

Posted by ricardogm on 12th March 2012


Here you are some information about imperial measurements.

Frankie is going to tell you some facts about the units they use in Britain. Then you can do the following exercises: Send the questions to me in a word document, you can use copy and paste, this time ;)

2. Then, do this quiz.

3. And, at last, play this game.

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Proporcionality and percentages

Posted by ricardogm on 12th March 2012


Well, we are starting a new topic, and, as usual, the first thing we are going to do is working out the exercises in Anaya, Unit 9.

If you have time, translate the cartoon and send me the meaning. (It’s difficult, maybe you should ask Rosi for help). Bye

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Metric Games

Posted by ricardogm on 8th March 2012


Three games to practice the metric system:


Bye bye

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Metric System, decimal system, etc.

Posted by ricardogm on 4th March 2012


Today you are going to do the activities in Anaya, Unit 6. Send to my mail, in a word document, five of the activities solved.

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