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Posted by ricardogm on 25th March 2013


The goal for the session of today is create some applets with Geogebra about triangles:

1. First of all, find out using internet the name (in english) of the special points and lines of the triangles. They are in your book, page 190. Write me a mail with these words and meaning.

2. Now we are going to create them. Pay attention.

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Marks and Thales

Posted by ricardogm on 17th March 2013


That’s what I’ve made up for today:

1. Send me a message with the marks you think you deserve, but this time I want more precision: you must write five marks:

  1. Classroom work
  2. Homework
  3. Notebook
  4. Actitude
  5. And at last, the global mark

2. Geogebra: pay attention to the teacher, we are going to create very sophisticated applets about Thales work.

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Pythagoras and more

Posted by ricardogm on 11th March 2013


While Will finishes with your Powerpoints, do these tasks:

1. Some Pythagoras from BBC. Read the “Revise” section, and work out “Activity” and “Test”. Copy the test in a word document and send it to me, after solving it.

2. Solve this worksheet about similarity. Send me the solutions

3. Got to this page about Thales’ theorem. Following the steps in the applet (Use the button “Reproduce”), try to create your own applet with geogebra, and send it to me.

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Geometry I

Posted by ricardogm on 4th March 2013



Today we are going to use Geogebra to  review similarity and Thales and Pythagoras’ theorems. Pay attention, copy the steps in your notebook and send the teacher the final applets.

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