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Statistics 2 (Excel)

Posted by ricardogm on 26th May 2013


You are going to solve statistic exercises with excel. I’m going to give you a tutorial and some exercises to solve. Please send me an excel document at the end of the class.

estadistica-excel.pdf (This is the tutorial)

stats.pdf. These are the exercises to solve. You have to do the calculations and create charts (pie charts, bar charts, etc). The histograms in excel are poorly implemented, in my opinion. Geogebra does a much better work. Follow  the instructions in this example:

Histograms with Geogebra

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Statistics 1

Posted by ricardogm on 10th May 2013


We are just starting with statistics. These are the tasks for today:

1. Download this pdf with exercises. Solve them in a word document and send it to me. Some of the exercises are easy to solve using Excel (for example, the frequency tables).


2. Now go to BBC to do Revise, Activity and Test of this unit.

3. Practice solving this exercises.

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3D shapes

Posted by ricardogm on 6th May 2013



Please solve the exercises in pages 26 to 29, in this book:


Use a word document to send me the answers, as usual.

When you finish you can try this simple games:



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