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Lateral thinking and more…

Posted by ricardogm on 17th June 2013


1. Try to find in the internet the answer to the weird problems of thursday. Send to me your answers (not the internet ones)

2. Search the internet for math games. try some and send me the reference and a few lines about the two games you liked best.

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Posted by ricardogm on 10th June 2013


1. First of all, go to this page to do exercises from Anaya.

2.  And do these exercises from SM

3. Let’s finish with Excel. Do the exercises in page 297 of your book (the ones about random numbers). Send me the excel document.

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Statistics 3

Posted by ricardogm on 3rd June 2013



More Excel to finish.  Open your books, pages 294 to 297. Read everything and do the exercises in an excel document. Send it to me, of course.

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