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Equations 1

Posted by ricardogm on 24th October 2013


We are going to review second degree equations, and something more. Let’s start:

1. Solve these equations and problems in a word document. Send it to me.

2. Go to Anaya book, to do part 3 of the 3rd unit. Send me the equations that you must write to solve the problems.

3. Use wiris to correct the equations form exercise 1.

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Posted by ricardogm on 10th October 2013



1. Let’s start with some ruffini’s review.

2. Now it’s time to use wiris to correct the exercises about polinomials we did these days. This image should give you a clue.


3. Practice Ruffini’s rule. When you finish this exercise, click on PoliRuffi02, and so on.

4. Can you remember the applications of the remainder theorem? You should. Send me a message with your findings.

4. Well, why don’t you play this game? You need two people to play, so join another mate if you are alone.

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Last real numbers session

Posted by ricardogm on 3rd October 2013


Before we start with algebra, let’s take a  final look to real numbers and all that.

1.Use Geogebra to graph some intervals from your book. It’s easy, write them in the inequality form in the”input bar” (Entrada).

2. Solve these exercises. Warning! there are a lot.

3. Go to Mathisfun to solve the exercises about logarithms.

4. Some more exercises.

5. Send me an email telling me the origin of the word “logarithms” and some uses of them in real life. Bye

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