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The project

Posted by ricardogm on May 31st, 2017


I hope you have something to work on today, because the deadline for the project is tomorrow.  Time goes by… so fast. Anyway, this class is for you to work on the final document. Some advise:

1. Try to create a clean document, easy to read. Forget the tacky things. Seriously.

2. Explain your intentions in the introduction as enthusiastically as posible. As in “I’m going to win the nobel prize” enthusiasm.

3. I suppose you are going to use geogebra for the analisis and calculations, but you can use Excel as well, at least to create nicer tables, with colors and all. I’m going to show you how.

4. If you find that the correlation is strong, write some example of interpolation: How many … will … if ….?

5. If your correlation is very low, that’s a result as well. Simply put, your study show that likely the variables aren’t  correlated.

6. In the conclusions part, make some hypothesis pointing to the cause of the correlation.

7. Check the document for errors, specially spelling mistakes. You can’t send anything with this type of defect, and your mark is going to be much lower.

8. And the most important: take this seriously and follow my instructions, your marks will be much higher.

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