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Sets of numbers

Posted by ricardogm on September 17th, 2017


First day in the computers room.

Let’s start with a little history:

1. Try to find out in the internet the name of the man who proved the existence of irrational numbers. Send me an email with this story. Use the email that you are going to use for all the year. You will have to send me lots of work in the following months.

1. Open this worksheet, read it (is about converting decimals into fractions) and solve the exercises in your notebook. Check the answers with the calculator.

2. Now you can do some exercises about intervals.

3. And some more.

4. These are the exercises we did in the classroom. Finish them.

5. Here you have a complete unit about real numbers.
A little video about sets of numbers. We are going to listen to a part of it, and take notes.

Now another one about intervals:

For you curiosity, here are the first 1000000 decimals of piAnd time to start with radicals.

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