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Posted by ricardogm on 1st February 2018


0. First of all take a look at this surprising image of Homer doing trigonometry:

Now try to find the height of the tree. Send it to me with the answers to the next part:

1. Find out what is a radian and its equivalence in degrees. Find also which of these units is older. Send me your findings, along with these simple exercises solved:

Express the following angles in degrees:

  • 3 rad
  • 2π/5 rad.
  • 3π/10 rad.

Express the following angles in radians:

  • 316°
  • 10°
  • 127º

You can use these applets to find an approximate answer:

Degrees and radians.

2. Now we are going to try to find out the properties of the trigonometric ratios of angles bigger than 90º, using this applet:

More specifically, try to figure out the signs of sine, cosine and tangent in the four quadrants. Write all in your notebook.

3. And now the last question: What has trigonometry to do with video games? Send me your discoveries.

4. Remember the trees we measured? Take a look at this:

(300 foot heigh, 1500 years old)

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