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Bidimensional statistics study, correlation, etc.

Posted by ricardogm on May 17th, 2018


Today you are going to decide the topic for your statistic study. It has to have two variables, and the goal is to check if there’s any correlation between the two characteristics. So have a meeting with your team partners and choose the idea for your study. The minimum requirements for the survey are:

Two variables (quantitative, of course).

  • Minimum number of data for the survey: 30 individuals. 
  • The study should be something about La Luz or Avilés, or our school.
  •  Nobody (people, animals or plants) should be harmed or offended in the making of this study.
  • The study should be written in a powerpoint or word file.
  • It has to have graphs and calculations.(You can use Geogebra for that)
  • It must have:
    • A frontpage with your names and the title.
    • An introduction explaining the goal of the study.
    • All the data in one or several tables.
    • Graphs and images.
    • Calculations.
    • Conclusion.
  • The deadline for all this is june the 4th.

I don’t mind if the variables you choose are funny or absurd, as long as they don’t offend anyone. In fact, a bit of fun is something to be thankfull. Think about it and send me a mail with your ideas.

As an example, I’m showing you how to use geogebra to work with two statistical variables, using examples of your book. Pay attention.


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