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Practicing for your project

Posted by ricardogm on May 24th, 2018


1. First of all, you are going to correct exercise 2 from the worksheet using geogebra. Send me the file.

2. Now we are going to practice a little about our statistics project. Use the last two problems from the worksheet as examples, and the goal is to use them the same way you are going to treat your data. For each example you should send me a Word document, or Powerpoint, but with the same structure as the final project. At the very least it should have:

1. Frontpage with your names and the title of the project.

2. Introduction (in another page). Explaining the goal of the project, what you want to know, how you got the data, etc.

3. Another page with the data, in table form.

4. Another page with graphics.

5. One more with all the calculations.

6. And one with the final conclusions.

As a bonus, this image links to some examples of terrible powerpoint design:

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