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Projects and review

Posted by ricardogm on 7th June 2018


1. You can take a look at your projects in this link below:


Take a look and send me a mail with your marks for all of them, yours included.

2. And start your very late review for the last exam:


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Probability III: The monty Hall problem

Posted by ricardogm on 4th June 2018

Hi let’s start with a video from the movie “21 Black Jack” about what it’s known as the Monty Hall Problem:

And another more thoroughly explanation:

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Probability I

Posted by ricardogm on 1st June 2018


0. First of all, I need two volunteers for the “PASAPALABRA” thing.

0 bis.You can use this class to finish the ststistic study, but if you finish, go to next point:

1. Today we are going to learn the basic vocabulary of probability. (NOTE: you will need the last part of the book for the rest of the course, bring it tomorrow)

1. Go to this page and try to find all the most important concepts. Write them in a glossary, with their spanish equivalence.

For example:>> Sample space=Espacio muestral

2. There are more of these words in this page. You can find the spanish equivalences in this page.

3. Send me this glossary.

4. Now solve these questions. Use your notebook. The key to solve most of them is Laplace’s rule.

5. Now some problems. Solve them in a word document. Send me the file, of course.

- A box has 8 red balls, 5 yellow and 7 green. If a ball is extracted at random, calculate the probability that it will be:

  • Red.
  • Green.
  • Yellow.
  • Not red.
  • Not yellow.

-A ball is drawn from a box containing 4 red balls, 5 blue and 6 green. What is the probability that the ball will be red or white? What is the probability that it is blue? If you take out another ball, what are the chances of being red?

-In a class there are 10 blonde girls, 20 brunette girls, 5 blonde boys and 10 brown-haired boys. If all 45 students attend class on a particular day, find the probability that a student selected at random will be:

  • A boy.
  • A brunette girl.
  • A boy or girl.
  • If the student is a boy, find the probability that he’s blonde.
  • If the student is brown-haired, find the probability that she’s a girl.

-A die is rigged so that the probabilities of obtaining the different faces are proportional to the numbers on the faces (For example: A five is five times more likely to be rolled than a one). Find:

  • The probability of obtaining a 6.
  • The probability of obtaining an odd number.

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