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Posted by ricardogm on 20th September 2018


First day in the computers room:

0. We are going to meet some new tools today (Symbolab, Geogebra, 10 seconds…), to use during the course.

1. First thing, 5 minutes of mental calculations. Use “10 seconds of math” for this purpouse.

2. Try to find out in the internet the name of the man who proved the existence of irrational numbers. Send me an email with this story (my mail is up there ↑ ). Use the email that you are going to use for all the year. You will have to send me lots of work in the following months.

3. Read this page about intervals. Solve the questions at the end of the page.

4. Solve some exercises (2, 3, 10 and 11) about rational numbers. Do it in your notebook and correct them with Symbolab.

5. Some reading about roots. Solve the exercises of the end of the page in your notebook.

6. Same thing with fractional exponents.

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