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Ruffini’s rule rules!

Posted by ricardogm on 25th October 2018


We are going to practice a little bit about division of polynomials, including Ruffini’s rule.

1. The teacher is going to show you some tools to correct these type of exercises. Pay attention. (NOTE: The programs use to show the answer in this format: D/d=Q+R/d)

2. Use these tools to correct the exercises from this week, at least the products and divisions.

3. Work out these divisions (in your notebook) using ruffini’s rule:


5. Use the tools mentioned above to correct them.

6. Send me an email with the answers.

7. Now do the same thing with this exercise from your book: page 49, ex. 7.

8. Last thing to do: Find out who Paolo Ruffini was, and send me a few notes about him.

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Exam review

Posted by ricardogm on 22nd October 2018

 First exam

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Alternative math (video)

Posted by ricardogm on 10th October 2018

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Back to the roots

Posted by ricardogm on 4th October 2018


0. First thing to do, a little bit of mental calculation: “10 seconds of math”, five minutes, but this time click squares and roots as well.

2. We are going to insist in the rationalizations of fractions. Go to this page and try to understand the two (some say three) different cases. Solve the questions at the end (only 1, 2 and 3).

4. Use Symbolab to correct your homework.

6. And some exercises. Rationalize these expressions in your notebook:

Radical Exercise

Radical Exercise

Radical Exercise

Radical Exercise

8. Now open your books, page 29, and solve in your notebook exercises 15, 17, 18, 19, 20 and 21.

10. This is the video we saw in the classroom. You can take a look at it and try to understand as much as possible.

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Soluciones tema I

Posted by ricardogm on 3rd October 2018


Muy buenas

Enlazo soluciones del tema 1

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