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Ruffini’s rule rules!

Posted by ricardogm on October 25th, 2018


We are going to practice a little bit about division of polynomials, including Ruffini’s rule.

1. The teacher is going to show you some tools to correct these type of exercises. Pay attention. (NOTE: The programs use to show the answer in this format: D/d=Q+R/d)

2. Use these tools to correct the exercises from this week, at least the products and divisions.

3. Work out these divisions (in your notebook) using ruffini’s rule:


5. Use the tools mentioned above to correct them.

6. Send me an email with the answers.

7. Now do the same thing with this exercise from your book: page 49, ex. 7.

8. Last thing to do: Find out who Paolo Ruffini was, and send me a few notes about him.

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