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Equations review

Posted by ricardogm on 8th November 2018


1. First of all, 5 minutes to check the equations from yesterday using this page of Symbolab.

2. Now solve as many of these equations as you can in a blank sheet of paper (to give to the teacher at the end of the class, with your name on it) and check the solutions with Symbolab.

a) x4 − 10x2 + 9 = 0

b) Biquadratic Equation Exercise

c) x4 − 61x2 + 900 = 0

d)Radical Equation Exercise

e) Radical Equation Exercise

f) Radical Equation Exercise

g) Two natural numbers differ by two units and the sum of their squares is 580. What are these numbers?

h) A rectangular garden 50 m long and 34 m wide is surrounded by a uniform dirt road. Find the width of the road if the total area of the garden and road is 540 m².

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