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Nonlinear systems of equations

Posted by ricardogm on November 28th, 2018


As you probably remember, last year we learnt to solve sytems of linear equations (first degree equations). Now we are going to try something a bit more difficult: systems of nolinear equations. In these systems, one or more of the equations are at least of second degree  and/or there is a product of variables in one of the equations.. The method we are going to use is substitution, because it’s the easiest, and in many cases the only practical way to solve these problems. Sometimes elimination works as well, or equalization. The graphic method is very helpful here, if you have access to geogebra, for instance. (HINT: I bet you have, it works on your phone! →Download page)

Here you can find some solved examples.

Here is a video showing one example. The audio is fine, but if you don’t have headphones the images are clear enough:

A written explanation is given in this book, page 31. Read it:

Book 4º ESO

Now some practice: Download these exercises and try to solve, in your notebook, as many as posible. The solutions are at the end, check them.

Another way to solve these or other systems is graphically. We are going to use Geogebra with the exercises. The teacher is going to show you how.

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