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Two variables statistics theory

Posted by ricardogm on 21st May 2019


1. Today we are going to practice a little bit with geogebra and Powerpoint, hoping that it will be useful for your projects. Pay attention

a) These are the exercises we are going to work out with Geogebra: some exercises.

b) This is a real example of the statistics project:


c) I repeat here the structure of the project. It will be a Word document, or Powerpoint,  with, at least, these parts:

1. Frontpage with your names and the title of the project.

2. Introduction (in another page). Explaining the goal of the project, what you want to know, how you got the data, etc.

3. Another page with the data, in table form.

4. Another page with graphics.

5. One more with all the calculations.

6. And one with the final conclusions.

d) Remember, we are going to study the relationship between two variables, posibly with a survey. You need at least 30 data points. Less than that, it’s anecdotal.

2. The theory is here:

Here you are.

3. And some guide to interpret the values of r:

(Extract from Malawi Medical Journal:


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