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Fractions 5

Posted by ricardogm on 26th February 2012


First of all, go to this web, to learn to multiply and divide fractions:

Do the questions in your notebook, of course

Then, go to Anaya, and do parts  4, 5 and 6

If there’s some time left, translate one or two of these problems and send them to me, in a word document. Thanks


And now, one more cartoon:

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Fractions 4

Posted by ricardogm on 22nd February 2012


1. Frankie is going to dictate you some problems. Copy them in a word document, solve them and send the document to my mail

2. Open this document, translate and solve the problems, using another word document. Send it to me, too.


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Adding fractions

Posted by ricardogm on 17th February 2012


I’ve found this animation about adding fractions. Try it!

And now it’s time to play, but at the same time we have todo these exercises of your book: page 153, ex. 4, 5 and 6

Game 1: adding fractions

Game 2: subtracting fractions

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Fractions 3

Posted by ricardogm on 12th February 2012


1. Please go to this page and do parts 5 and 6. You have to copy three exercises of each part in your notebook.

2. Do this activity and write in your notebook two sentences you understand.

3. Now you have to play with the games about fractions. They are here. Capture and screenshot with your best score and send it to me.

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Fractions 2

Posted by ricardogm on 7th February 2012


These are the tasks for today:

a) Go to this web and find out what equivalent fractions are.

b) Raise your hand and ask the teacher for a sheet about Sherlock. Paste it in your notebook, translate and solve it.

c) Do the same thing to get a second sheet

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Fractions 1

Posted by ricardogm on 5th February 2012


Today we are going to start with a new topic: fractions

a) Go to this page and do parts 1, 2, 3 and 4. Copy in your notebook one exercise of each part.

b) Send me an email telling me what a fraction is. In english, of course

c) Use your headphones to watch this funny video:

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Decimal numbers

Posted by ricardogm on 15th January 2012


Why do you think the octopus say that? Send me a mail with your opinion

Well, let’s do some boring maths…

1. Go to this page an do everything in it. Don’t cheat, please

Now, it’s time to use BBC resources. Remember, they use a point to write decimalnumber

2. Revision. Go to this page and read everything, and answer the questions in your notebook.

3. Activity. Use your headphones

4. Test. Copy the test to your notebook

One more thing: please bring to the class the second part of the book. Thanks

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Integers exercises

Posted by ricardogm on 8th January 2012



I suppose you are a bit rusted after the holidays, so here you are some exercises to refresh your minds:

1. Try to find out what “absolute value” (valor absoluto) means. Use your book, or internet, and copy the answer in your notebook.

2. Open this document, solve the exercises in it (use Word to write the answers), save it and send it to my mail.

3. Go and try to solve this quiz.

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Multiplying integers with geogebra

Posted by ricardogm on 21st December 2011


Use this applet to understand the rule of signs.

Use it to help you with the exercises in page 87. Do as many as you can in a word documentn and send it to me by email. Thanks

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Multiplying integers

Posted by ricardogm on 19th December 2011


First of all, read the examples in page 85 and copy in your notebook the “rule of the signs”.

1. Then do these exercises. Copy them in your notebook.

2. Then do these exercises. Copy them in your notebook, as well.

A little video. Watch it a couple of times (using your headphones) and try to write in your notebook what is it about:

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